If It’s Un-Constitutional Obama’s Comfortable

By: Ken Hughes

That of course is an exaggeration, I’m sure in his own perverted way these ridiculous nonproductive proposals Obama is accused of coming up with are just trial balloons. Every administration’s think-tanks develop ideas to see whose paying attention and who isn’t. We must understand at the beginning of the 2008 presidential campaign the best Barack Obama could hope for was to be considered as Hillary Clintons Presidential running mate. Something happened on the way to Iowa the voters decided they not the Clintons or the Liberals would choose the next president. If Republicans had run anyone other than John McCain that person would be in the Oval Office today not Barack Obama. It seems the voters were telling the party politics they were going to the bottom of the barrel of intelligence and experience just for spite choosing the next president. The voters are much smarter than politicians and pundits they know a political season is only two years for congress and four years for a president. In that short period of time there isn’t that much elected officials can do to screw up that can’t be corrected by the next group of replacements. The Washingtonians especially Obama and the 111th congress underestimate the power of the voting booth. It’s still all about “We the People” not we the Washingtonians.

Electing Obama wasn’t the biggest mistake the voters have made. Sending the same nerds back to congress time after time is probably the biggest mistake. Reviewing history is probably the wisest thing rather than relying on computer generated what-ifs. The country had an unprecedented seven presidential terms of relative prosperity, not that those presidents are directly responsible for a nation’s economic stability they are an influence. It was time for the economic bubble to burst unfortunately it will be Obama taking the hits from now till the end of time.

Liberals [Democrats] don’t get it the majority of the American people aren’t screaming for a new more progressive government [i.e. welfare style nanny state.] Most Americans would like to see less government interference in their lives and more of that good old time of a constitutional government back. America is more about freedom of choice than freedom of, “I want what they owe me”. Barack Obama seems to have surrounded himself with a cadre of ally cats. Everyone with perhaps the exception of Obama knows cats do what cats want to do and there’s nothing that can be done to control them.

Barack Obama’s recent trip to Europe was a comedy of errors, his protocol chief should be tarred feathered and hung from the Whitehouse balcony for a week. Working our way backwards, bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia means “I’m your servant”. Praising Islam in Turkey and denigrating his own country was a humiliation America didn’t deserve or need. Michelle Obama putting her hand on the Queen was a big time no / no. Giving the Queen a cheesy ipod rather than a traditional gift was so ghetto it was unbelievable. Sending the Prime Minister of England a box of DVD & CDs that wouldn’t work in the European system can’t be excused. Perhaps Obama’s biggest blunder was his misrepresenting to the folks back home NATOs new participation in Afghanistan as being combative rather than political. Obama seems to be a victim of incompetent handlers, or perhaps just too many handlers. Nearly every speech is a contradiction of his last, changing camels in midstream can be a dangerous thing.

Obama is beginning to learn about “The Media Bushism’s” that plagued the former president for eight years. Every impractical suggestion the Mad Scientists come up with are immediately going to be labeled as something Obama is considering, such as pumping pollution into the atmosphere to deflect the suns rays and prevent global warming. [I am not making this up] Because the media had Bush, Obama was spared now that Bush is out of the picture and not making any waves Obama will be the butt of all that can be termed tabloid news. It’s already starting every screw up on Obama’s European trip has been reported in detail while the results of his meetings have been ignored in favor of the sensationalism of the moment. That’s hardly being fair to Obama no one covers that much territory without accomplishing something.

As a conservative with a platform to publicly express my views I feel I must come to Obama’s defense at lest on some issues. I agree we should talk with every country that’s willing to talk to us. We shouldn’t set preconditions or accept them, all discussions should be open and direct. Obama has taken a realistic approach following the advice of the same men who advised George Bush on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Basically there’s little difference between the Bush plan and what Obama says he will do. His first steps seem to be in the right direction, I was pleased to see Obama take a harder stand with both the Iraqi and Afghan leaders than Bush, he was always to easy on them.

It’s important to understand Barack Obama is a child of the welfare age, his heroes are not those blacks who made a difference but those who expected to be treated different. Obama only understands at the end of the week a worker is given a check, he has no concept of why or if the worker actually earned his check. To Obama checks are passed out and the why is immaterial. Obama has no experience of corporate structure or how production works he’s from an entirely different segment of society. Congress and Obama are pitted against greedy corporate executives for earning much more than the workers on the line. Unlike the workers on the line who spend their evening glued to TV watching sporting events played by illiterate men who earn more than the corporate executives. Many of those executives in training spent their evenings getting an education or at their desks while others were home enjoying the spoils of their jobs. Those executives in training started out earning less than the production workers and didn’t have a shop steward to keep the boss off their asses. Moving up the ladder in the corporate world is harder than being a party to extortion practiced by union bosses. Obama’s never held a job he’s always walked hand in hand with the extortionists.

We don’t have to agree with Obama to understand him. If we understand how he got where he is we’ll be better equipped to deal with his unrealistic antics. In three more years [plus] we can put Obama back in his White Camel and send him back to Islam or where ever he feels compfortable.

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