Obama And Obama – Of Teleprompters and Eyebrows

By: Michael John McCrae

The article was in the New York Post, by Annie Karni entitled: “Glamour First – Full Time Makeup Artist For Michelle”. I have no idea who else may comment on this aspect of the Obama Presidency, but I find I must, if only to ease my conscience.

You all can look that one up on whatever search engine satisfies you, but this article examined the need of a full time makeup “artist” for the nation’s First Lady; explaining that it is something unprecedented. Yes, former first ladies have had makeup artists help with certain White House Occasions, but apparently Mrs. Obama requires full time help in the beauty arena.

Now, I believe this is okay.

Her husband is necessarily tied full time to a teleprompter. Without that kind of full time assistance, Mr. Obama cannot complete a sentence without myriad pauses and “Uh’s” galore. We witnessed his speaking deficiencies several times on his recent trip to Europe and the world. He has great difficulty speaking “off-the-cuff” to reporters. Unless he is completely scripted and teleprompter-supported he stammers more than a “Porky-Pig” animation.

Again, I do not begrudge Michelle Obama a full time makeup “artist”. The Obama Presidency has made it known and has allocated millions of taxpayer dollars to support the “arts”. The entire article could have been consigned to the “puff-piece” pile to be quickly forgotten. That was until this paragraph:

“No other first ladies have consistently traveled with a makeup artist,” said hairdresser Bernard Portelli, who styled Hillary Rodham Clinton’s blond mane in 1993 and tracks trends in first-lady style. “It took Laura Bush four years to finally look good. It’s taken Michelle Obama two months. She wears fake eyelashes that are beautiful. She can’t do those herself.”

This paragraph was completely unnecessary.

The liberal crud who worked on Hillary Clinton’s several hairdos (Just how many makeovers did Hillary need till Portelli and then after 1993?) has the brass to say it took 4 years for Laura Bush to “finally look good”?

Well Bernard, could it be that Laura Bush thought more of the taxpayer that she would not spend any extra money on some so-called “artist”? Could it be that Laura Bush was perfectly content with her personal style of makeup and dress? Could it be Laura Bush didn’t see any need to be “fake” in her appearance?

Looking at the back-end of Portelli’s quote he admits: “She wears fake eyelashes that are beautiful. She can’t do those herself.” And one has to ask why Mrs. Obama needs to “fake” anything about her appearance? One could ask what if Laura Bush had been the one to continually receive the benefit of a full time makeup artist?

Obama and Obama apparently do everything at a rabbit’s pace. According to Portelli, it only took Mrs. Obama “two months” of White House living to “finally look good”. Apparently, before she moved in to the White House, she wasn’t as attractive in Portelli’s beauty expert estimation.

In those same two months Michelle’s husband has managed to align the United States with some of the more major policies of socialism. He is spending money at that rabbit’s pace, probably trying to keep up with his wife’s incredibly swift transformation from plain-Jane to Hollywood starlet status.

It’s all good.

I understand that Barack and Michelle have been plastered over every magazine cover that has hit newsstands since the inaugural. I also understand that Barack’s covers have outsold Michelle’s by a wide margin. Perhaps this is another reason to get Michelle that full time beautician.

Again, that’s okay.

My personal opinion is to prefer nothing fake in the White House. You get what your vote for however, so we get a fake orator who is a far better reader. In fact we get a fake American who refuses to tell the truth about his birth origins, his college admission eligibility and his failure to apply for selective service. We have a foreign-born-but-elected-usurper-in-chief who fears the examination of his college writings and his writings for the Harvard Law Review. He fears so greatly that he has spent millions of dollars to keep these documents sealed from view because the documents would most certainly prove him the charlatan and usurper he most surely is.

I believe all of that is far more serious than Michelle’s beautifully fake eyebrows.

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