It’s A Mad Mad World We Live In

By: Ken Hughes

People constantly speak of peace, they pray for peace, they demand peace, they protest for peace, peace is at the head of the line in nearly every religion and government agenda in the world. Yet there is no peace, or at least very little and what little there is seems very fragile. There’s never been a time when there wasn’t a war going on somewhere in the world. It seems some country is always out to liberate the oppressed people from a dictators iron grasp and usually it’s at the point of a gun. Much of the time what those who are liberated get is no better or no worse than what they had, life and local politics go on as usual only the names change.

I have nothing against peace it’s a fine concept if it actually worked. I was born a decade after one world war and a decade before the next supposedly the world was at peace. That is if you didn’t count Russia expanding beyond its boarder to the east and Japan occupying Korea China and most of the Pacific Islands of any consequence. There was the Spanish Civil War and America sent troops to several Caribbean Islands to preserve its financial interests. That was about as close to a peaceful period as the world has ever seen. Wars are conducted by all classes of people from pagans to society’s elite and all for the same reasons, property or religion. As Sarah Palin said “You can put lipstick on a pig but it still going to be a pig.” There’s never a good reason for war but as long as it’s there why not use it?

Barack Obama came to the Oval Office stuffed to the gills in Pollyanna Politics for that he can be partially excused, he was a victim of a welfare society and liberal media hype. Once he was made aware of the fact there is no talking or negotiating with terrorists his views began to change, he became a latter day warrior. Barack Obama is dumb and uneducated in the ways of the world of international politics he isn’t stupid. Let us pray he’s a fast learner and can turn around most of his socialist views before he cripples this nation any further. One of the things Obama should learn and fast. The relationship between congress and the president is a cat and mouse game, there are 535 cats and only one mouse and he’s it. Bush allowed congress rant and rave without commenting Obama isn’t that cool under fire, Obama tends to heat up.

Too many people in this world have become accustomed to the good life, nowhere is it written anyone is entitled to live in the lap of luxury at others expense. There’s a price to pay for prosperity, there’s a price to pay for personal freedoms. The greatest gift the Creator gave mankind was a brain the biggest mistake was not including instruction on how to properly use it. Infants enter this world with very few imbedded characteristics most of what children learn growing up is by following in the footsteps of their mentors and of course environment also plays a part. This brings up a question rather than changing all that’s good about America why aren’t the politicians working on what’s bad in the country? I’ve heard a lot about how poorly the Bush Administration treated the detainees in Guantanamo and how Obama is going to make it right. I haven’t heard a word from Obama or congress about what he / they will do about school dropouts, teen pregnancies, drug addiction, pedophiles, drunk drivers and the list goes on. There are problems America faces and they’re more than economic and diplomatic they’re up close and personal and they need to be addressed.

Who’s To Blame? for Americas drift into mediocrity, we the people of course. The United States of America was the first country on earth where the people were totally responsible for the government they have. Any citizen who can muster enough support can run for public office, once elected they’re responsible only to the voters who put them in office. It clearly states in the constitution there will be no pecking order in either the three branches of government or the two houses of congress, there’s no lower house in congress. In colonial times as now the government was a long way down the list of priorities of the colonists, they were born free, they lived free and they died free, the government across the sea had little influence on them and when it did they ignored it or fought it. That spirit prevails in about half of America today it’s the other half we need to be concerned with.

Something that’s gotten totally out of control is municipal, state and federal spending. Some of the new tax proposals are unreasonable. While the federal government is using tax money bailing out GM and banks the Mayor of Washington DC is proposing a streetlight tax. Winter Park Florida charges for emergence vehicle responses. Mayors, Governors and Congress spend hundreds of hours looking for new revenue sources and not 30 seconds looking for ways to cut spending. It all started with George Washington, he refused to accept a salary for commanding the Conventional Army however he did submit expenses for reimbursement covering everything his salary would have covered had he been paid. If we dug deep enough it wouldn’t surprise me to find the government is still paying the stabling bill for Washington horse. Our government may not be perfect but it is certainly consistent.

The only way to correct some of the idiotic things that go on in the government is to kick those persons making the rules out of and start a new with young men and women dedicated to the good of the country and not their own personal well being. America doesn’t need a new constitution or a new third political party. Americas needs concerned citizens willing to get involved in the political process and make the necessary differences to change the tone of government back to the people.



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