Immigration Enforcement Coalition Supports Tax Day Tea Party Events


Twenty five immigration enforcement advocacy organizations are announcing plans to support the historic Tax Day Tea Party events held in 1800 cities across America on April 15 by numerous organizations.

The coalition of groups are encouraging tens of thousands of their direct supporters to attend the rallies and to setup tables where possible to circulate fliers and hold signs decrying the tens of billions of dollars in extra taxes Americans are forced to pay annually due to the non-enforcement of our existing immigration laws.

“The vast majority of attendees and organizers with Tax Day Tea Party events are very concerned about the impact of illegal immigration on tax levels,” said William Gheen of ALIPAC. “Despite the fact that numerous polls indicate approximately 80% of Americans want more immigration enforcement, instead of Dream Act or Comprehensive Amnesties, Washington refuses to represent the will of the people and that is the definition of taxation without representation.”

ALIPAC and the coalition will print and display signs that read “No Taxation For Illegal Immigration”, “Illegal Aliens Steal Our Tax Resources!”, “Secure Our Border Secure Our Taxes!”, “No Tax Benefits For Illegal Aliens!”, and “Amnesty Equals Higher Taxes!”

These signs and fliers can be printed for distribution online. Handout materials encourage Americans to get involved in the organized efforts against Amnesty for illegal aliens and point out the following facts.

Amnesty for illegal aliens would increase the annual tax deficit by 29 billion dollars, illegal immigrants granted amnesty in 2009 are likely to create a cost to taxpayers of 2.6 trillion in their retirement years, each year states are spending 11-22 billion on welfare benefits for illegals, and more.

“A recent Rasmussen poll said that over 75% of Americans feel that Washington, DC no longer represents We The People,” said William Gheen of ALIPAC. “It is time for American taxpayers who believe that the self-governance of the American populous is essential to our security, prosperity, and freedoms to unite in solidarity.

William Gheen plans to release a new article titled “The New American Velvet Revolution” on Tuesday April 14.

The groups currently participating in the pro-immigration enforcement coalition’s efforts to support the Tax Day Tea Party events are multiracial, nonviolent, and non-racist organizations.

The list is growing daily and the current support list includes ALIPAC, Save Our State, Voice of the People USA (Hazleton, PA), 9/11 Families for a Secure America, San Diego Minutemen, NC Listen, NC Voice, Indiana Federation For Immigration Reform & Enforcement, Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform, Nevada Action Coalition, Keep It American, Mothers Against Illegal ALIENS, Taxpayer Revolution, Central Coast MCDC Chapter, Antelope Valley Independent Minutemen, California Coalition for Immigration Reform, Report and Deport, Stop SPP Group, Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC, Stop Taxing Us, The Wake Up America, Americans Have Had Enough Coalition, Oregonians for Immigration Reform, Texans for Immigration Reform, Inc., and Central Texans for Secure Borders.

For more information, interview requests, signs and fliers, or to add your group to the coalition, please visit

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