I’m a Right Wing Radical. Are You?

By: Craig Chamberlain

To hear the Department of Homeland Security tell it, returning veterans, pro lifers, and those that believe in their second amendment rights are a much bigger threat to this country than Osama Bin Laden is. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Democrats and left-wingers have always thought that the political opposition they face is a mortal threat, and that they-the champions of Democracy- must confront dangerous right wingers in order to preserve our republic. They believe that all foreign threats are conspiracies concocted by conservatives, or they are completely blown out of proportion.

The left started downplaying radical Islam practically on September the 12th. Before all the bodies had been recovered, or the fires had been put out, the progressives cranked up their propaganda machine and started telling the American people that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions, and that we shouldn’t retaliate, or that we were the real terrorists. It’s an article of faith for the left, support anyone but your own country. The far left even went so far as to say the attacks of 9-11 were, in fact, carried out by the American government. But at least they waited until September the 13th to make that claim.

During the Cold War, the vast majority of the Democratic party would do anything to make friends with the communists. Anyone who pointed out that the USSR and international communism were a threat to liberty and the United States of America were dismissed as cooks, fascists, or fear mongers. We were assured, time and time again, by the left that communism wasn’t so bad, that they were nothing more than “agrarian reformers” they weren’t the problem, we were. And they said this as Stalin butchered 50 million, as Mao killed 30 million, as Pol Pot killed 1/4 of the Cambodian population, and as untold millions languished in prison camps and suffered under the worst of tyrannies.

To the Democrats, tyrants, terrorists, petty thugs, and “agrarian reformers” are the good guys. I’m glad to be counted among the bad guys. We’re “radical right wingers” and why? Because we think that government is too big. That we think it’s a bad idea to spend 3.6 trillion dollars to fund the federal government. It’s dangerous to economic freedom for the government to nationalize American industry. And for this were smeared as being part of a crypto fascist movement out to overthrow the government and establish a dictator ship.

Conservatives should be used to that. We’re always the bad guys, we’re the unhip enemies of “progress” and “social justice” I’ve seen their progress and social justice. They can keep it. I’ll take liberty and the constitution any day of the week. Their progress means an intrusive, national government, a nanny state, and their social justice strips the justice completely out of society.

We conservative shouldn’t care what the left says about us. After all mental midgets can’t grasp big ideas so of course they can’t figure us out. The people who attended the tea parties yesterday didn’t deserve to be slandered as a dangerous, out of control right wing mob, bought and controlled by the GOP. They didn’t deserve it, but they shouldn’t be shocked by it. If someone actually pays attention to what the Democrats actually say, when they think no one is listening, you see that they have nothing but contempt for regular Americans. The working class people they profess to love so much are nothing to them. They expect them to be a silent class, serfs really, to serve and not disagree. Look at their rage towards “Joe the plumber” a man who did nothing but ask a question, and had the gall to disagree with the dear leader. For that the MSM carried on as if he were the second coming of Hitler.

What I find intolerable, what I won’t forgive, is how the belittle and slander our troops. The spoiled generation of baby boomers, and the spoiled brats that makes up the youth of the left, have denigrated them at every turn. These snot nosed brats, who need a good beating more than anything else, who have never worked a real job, or put in long hours, have the nerve to call our soldiers “baby killers”(as if the left ever cared about babies) “little Eichmann’s” and now Janet Napolitano, the Secretary of Homeland Security is worried that returning veterans are going to join extremist groups and attempt to overthrow the government.

Maybe a government that would give her such a high position deserves to be overthrown, but our troops aren’t going to do it. They’re too busy protecting Ms. Napolitano and her ilk from enemies she insists aren’t that big a deal, and protecting the liberties that our government is actively working to undermine.

I’m pro life, I’m pro gun, and I’m against big government. So that makes me a right wing radical. But I’m in good company, they also think that of our troops. There are millions of honest, hard working, decent, rational Americans who think that way too. And we’re all in good company. The founding fathers fit the definition of right wing radicals. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Sam Adams, John Adams, Ben Franklin, the men and women of the American military, we right wing radicals are in good company indeed.

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