Tea Parties Brew Mainstream Media

By: Eddie Clements

The picture is clearing. The MSM has to downplay the tea parties because they represent grassroots protest of liberal-progressive policies, meaning MSM propaganda is not as effective as hoped. In turn, this means the key to defeating the change we didn’t need or ask for lies in defeating the MSM. It must be neutralized to restore normal operation of the country we know and love.

We are continually told by MSM Obama’s popularity in polls indicates success of his policies. However, the polls have wide ranging results. The Dailykos website displays a 68% approval rating for Obama, but they are an advocacy site. Real Clear Politics indicates about a steady 60%. Rasmussen Reports says Obama’s overall approval rating at about 55%, with a difference between Strongly Approve and Strongly Disapprove down to a two-point spread. MSM prefers polls that favor the Obama administration and Democrat policies, so those are the ones the larger audience hears.

The problem is that we have been thinking in terms of Congress having power, but MSM having influence. But that influence translates to power since they hold the majority audience. It is MSM’s failure to put forth the truth that put a flawed candidate in the White House. As liberal-progressives they were held as much in thrall to the cult as voters. It is that power to misinform, and fail to report, which must be diluted. At stake is our national survival as the America of small government and personal responsibility our Founding Fathers envisioned.

It should be said that the purpose of the tea parties, according to their spokespersons, was neither directed at Obama, nor were the participants solely in the GOP province. Anger at overgrown government, excessive taxes and irresponsible spending is not confined to one political party. Indeed, Republicans are held as much accountable for the current mess as Democrats. Also notable is that MSM tried to besmirch conservatives/Republicans by tying them with the parties. MSM held the parties were “anti-government”. Note to MSM: so were the Founding Fathers.

For what it’s worth, my personal opinion is that the tea parties are an expression of frustration by attendees at a feeling of powerlessness, that their concerns are being ignored. Polls consistently show Congress’ approval ratings at no better than twenty to thirty percent, and around 60% say the country is on the “wrong track”. Congress is supposed to represent us. Instead, they ignore average citizens, while increasingly representing interests of their campaign activists and contributors. These are the environmental/energy activists and promoters, unions, and social activists like gay or immigrant rights advocates.

The majority of Americans, however, are not gay, immigrants, intensive environmentalists or union members. Advances by those groups are gained at the expense of freedoms and improved quality of life of the majority. Ironically, if free market capitalism were allowed to proceed normally, most of the concerns of the progressives would be ameliorated. Instead, they are imposing top-down solutions that are incompatible with both a democratic republic and growth of wealth. If Obama is being told by his economic advisors that seizing business and raising taxes will grow the American economy, he is being disserved. However, my suspicion is that The Boss is telling economists what he wants and their job is to make it happen. All this is making the ordinary Americans comprising the majority of this nation upset, which will fail to produce the administration’s desired outcomes. Change the rules, and people’s behavior changes.

MSM is unabashedly disgusted by the behavior of ordinary citizens opposing policies MSM favors. Normal people have the temerity to ignore the elite media and think for themselves! It is not surprising the media wants to ignore this, as it violates their sense of place as kingmakers and opinion shapers, neither of which is their job, but may be their mission. As such, ordinary citizens must be attacked as terrorists, a term the Obama administration refuses to apply to a group of foreigners who decided to murder as many Americans and destroy as much property as possible in one spectacular effort on 9/11. No, Islamofascists are just freedom fighters, unfortunate victims of illegal detention by criminal elements of an out-of-control American Armed Forces. American citizens demonstrating dissatisfaction that their own freedoms are being systematically gutted are the real problem. That forty-five year old couple with their own small business and two kids using their freedom of speech, now THERE’S a terrorist!

Their coverage and commentary of the tea parties now provides a true picture of what NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, Time, Newsweek, NYT, etc., have become: the real enemy within. This is no longer a matter of simple bias. MSM has quietly declared war on American citizens who do not share their jaundiced, elitist worldview. It is serious, an emergency. They must be dealt with accordingly; completely and utterly discredited or defeated. As long as these propaganda outlets command a majority of information-seeking audience, they will continue to prevent restoration to a democratic republic. As long as they command a large audience, they will be the heirs to Joseph Goebbels’ dissemination of words that mislead, distort, and support tyranny.

It is too easy to dismiss the above words as conspiracy theory, wild baseless accusations, black helicopter theories. To respond to such, we need only examine reporting of the background on the current president compared to reporting of past presidential candidates. Since the words of media are recorded, an objective reading easily betrays their bias. Slick lawyer talk could explain it away, but this is not meant to be a criminal accusation. We are not in court, this is not an inquest, thus lawyer arguments should be ignored if used to defend the MSM’s record. All one needs to do is listen, watch, or read any of the above-named media sources and ask if whatever thing they are talking about would be reported the same way if the opposite thing were being covered.

The war to restore America to its rightful place as a land of opportunity, not false contrived hope, is a battle of hearts and minds. Recently a poll in the news said only 53% of respondents preferred capitalism over other choices. Over a third preferred socialism. Guests on the Fox News show Red-Eye had the best take: respondents didn’t even know what “socialism” was! They probably thought it meant something about social networking, like Twitter or cell phones. If a significant number of people have that perception, it is likely due to MSM’s constant attacks on capitalism and its practitioners. Socialist societies, Cuba for example, are held up as models of egalitarianism with such features as universal health care, low crime rates and guaranteed employment. Since they fail to compare on specifics, media then suggests by omission that capitalist societies create the opposite conditions.

Media takes a cue from our President and attacks their own citizens who disagree with them, promoting a socialist political philosophy many Americans have given blood and treasure to defeat. These same citizens apparently support the news outlets’ advertisers, enriching the reporters who vilify both the advertisers and citizens. The key must be to express disapproval of this constant stream of criticism by boycotting advertisers of the organizations mentioned above. I know; boycotts don’t work, it punishes innocent workers, all sponsors can’t be boycotted, etc. Another possibility is widespread availability of alternative information sources, and the knowledge of how it is to be obtained.

Got a better idea, fine. We would all greet any viable solution with more consideration that the media gives us. But read the leaves from the tea parties and know this: if MSM stays in place as presently constituted, they will bring us all down.

Eddie Clements


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