Will Tea Party Mania Last, Yes!

By: Ken Hughes

Given the attention span of the average citizen how long can we expect Tea Party Mania to last? It’s my opinion this time someone’s hit on a winning strategy to change the face of Washington. There isn’t much that’s more freighting than the word [trillions] continually repeated by government officials. The president and congress have finally gone too far. Until this past election the public complained, now their pissed. Obama and his ilk have stepped over the limits placed on congress and presidents by the constitution. In fact they’ve implied the constitution isn’t irrelevant in these troubled times. The fact is the constitution was worded in such a way as to protect the public in such troubled times as this. The original seven articles and the 10th amendment were specifically designed to protect the citizens from an over zealous government. Obama and the 111th Congress without regard for tradition or law have totally disregarded the constitution and the meaning of personal freedom.

The public has lost faith in what they’re hearing from Washington via the media. Neither Washington nor the Media can be trusted any longer. The Washington bureaucracy has a way changing the meaning of words that describes their actions. What was isn’t and what is never was. A new name for old policies doesn’t change the outcome nor will it improve what’s been denied previously. Homeland security Chief Janet Napolitano is having a difficult time justifying labeling anyone not in Obama’s corners as someone capable of committing acts of treason. Her agency has also labeled our Veterans who fought for democracy as potential anarchists based on the actions of a single person Timothy McVeigh. If this is the paranoia surfacing in the Obama administration and an example of their mindset then it’s them and not conservatives who deserve watching over.

In my opinion Janet Napolitano should be removed from office and prosecuted for inciting riots and for hate crimes promoting racial bigotry. When a public official takes the oath of office to serve and protect it’s not for his or her political party but for all the people, they have no right to promote partisan politics. Janet Napolitano’s memo to law enforcement officers across the country warning of the threat of the Tea Party Rallies as being something beyond un-American. It’s one more example of the Obama administration not understanding what America is about and why we have a constitution that protects us from an over zealous government. The founding fathers were wise enough to know political power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. This is why the seven articles of the constitution deliberately restricts the powers of elected officials to what’s written in the constitution, and further spelled out in the 10th amendment.

The constitution’s saved us from making poor decisions in the past. The Electoral College saved us from Al Gore and the Swift Boat Blogs [freedom of speech] saved us from John Kerry. This reminds me of the story of the lady trapped on the roof of her house in a flood. A man came along on a Mule and offered to rescue her she said no she knew the Lord would save her. A second man came by in a boat and offers to rescue her, again she declined saying the Lord would save her. A helicopter hovered over her offering to drop a line she said no she was waiting for the lord to save her. When she drowned and arrived in heaven she asks the Lord why she was forsaken. The reply was he / she sent a mule, boat and a helicopter what more could they do? America may be on the verge of needing no more than a divine rescues!

The creator gave man a brain, in many cases the instruction how to use it were not included in the packaging. It isn’t up to our parents, ministers and educators to determine what should be inside of us as responsible men and women, character comes from within its not something that’s passed around. We shouldn’t allow political decision makers to ultimately rule our lives

From 1770 to 1775 the British Crown had much the same opinion of the Colonels as the Obama people have of today’s patriots, the Tea Party participants. Liberals are estimating there may have been as many as 250 thousand who protested. I’ve seen estimates as high as 7 million, somewhere in between would be a better guesstimate. The impressive things about this Tea Party protest participates can’t be counted because they weren’t organized. It wasn’t an organized effort it was a spontaneous word of mouth event on an all volunteer bases. This proves there’s no need to organize and pay people to do the right thing when it comes from the heart and not from the political bosses.

The Tea Party participants were opposing some of the things the Obama administration thinks makes one an extremist. If you appose higher taxes you’re an extremist, if you appose late term abortion you’re an extremist, if you listen to Rush Limbaugh you are an extremist, if you’re for enforcing immigration laws you are an extremist, if you’ve ever served in the military you are an extremist, if you disagree in any way with President Obama you are diffidently and extremist and if you’ve every voted for a Republican you are an extremist, if you believe in God you are an extremist. If you’re an al Qaeda terrorist or Somali pirates then you’re [not necessarily] an extremist you’re a person in need of understanding. All of this comes from a man who bows in obedience to foreign Kings.

I believe things happen for a reason, I believe the Tea Party protests came along at a time when we Americans become to complacent to defend our hard fought for freedoms and allowed the political bullies to take over. The Unites States of America surpasses every other nation on earth in every respect, any natural wonders they have we have two or more of. America leads the world in modern technology development. America has the cleanest air in the world. There are simply too many American firsts to catalog including [dumb asses.] to question our leadership in the world.

America has slipped into a position of ambivalenc in the past and has always risen up to correct it’s failings. The strength of America is its ability to fall and get back up stronger than before. The mistakes made in the 2008 election can be corrected in 2010 and 2012. God willing!

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