President Obama, I’m A Proud Rightwing Extremist

By: Ken Hughes

I take a great deal of pride in being defined by the Obama administration as a rightwing extremist. If believing in individual freedom, God and the constitution makes me an extremist I proudly plead guilty as charged. April 19th 1775 the first shots heard around the world were fired at Lexington and Concord in pursuit of freedom from foreign domination. The first European settlers came to America in the early 1600s they came to escape the harsh mandates of a monarchy and an even harsher church doctrine. Americans have fought several wars reaffirming their independence and sovereignty. I believe that spirit of patriotism still exists in the majority of Americans all it needs is to be rekindled. The first step was the dreaded “Tea Party Protests” dreaded because they point to the many ways the Obama administration and the 111th congress have violated everything America’s stood for over the past 375 years since the pilgrims landed in the new world. The American experiment is all about freedom from a dictatorial government, “a government of the people, by the people and for the people.”

The 2009 Tea Party protests were less about excessive taxes than about the way an irresponsible government spends our tax money. Several times in the American experiment when the government turns a deft ear to the public’s demands for what they perceive as justice have been ignored and then the public takes a stand. The stand isn’t always in public demonstrations. In this modern age of communication there are a number of ways for the public to make their views known. It happenes in this case the Tea Party protests are taking to the streets. If the Obama backers calculations are to be believed there were 250 thousand protesters, if we go by the supporters of the Tea Party protesters there could have been as many as 7 million who turned out. This wasn’t an organized protest it was a spontaneous event that grew legs, [many legs.] There’s no way of knowing how many protesters turned out across America, its cretin by the news coverage there were many more than 250 thousand who participanted.

Some not all of the mainstream media have used some disparaging remarks about the Tea Party Protests. MSNBC and CNN followed the Liberal party line without editing a single word. Several government agencies have issued negative opinions of the Tea Party Protesters to the media who report them unverified as though they were fact. The mainstream media seems to have become the propaganda arm of the Liberal Democratic Party. Fortunately in the past decade the Internet has provided the citizen columnist a venue to counter the monopoly the media has held for two centuries. Finally the public has the opportunity to be informed of all sides of the issues, something that’s yet to sink into the mainstream Medias minds.

I’m sure I’m not the only proud extremist to respond to the liberals who secretly think we should all be sent to Guantanamo to replace the al Qaeda detainees. What I don’t understand is Obama won the presidency democrats won the majority of seats in congress. Both Obama and congress own the media, so where is this rightwing threat liberals worry about coming from and why do they fear us so? Could it be the Reagan Revolution of 1980 is still fresh in their minds and Newt Gingrich and the 1994 Contract with America still haunts congressional democrats. Those who live on the edge will do and say anything to keep from falling off the tight wire. Hyperbole is one of the democrat’s seven deadly sins when confronted with facts that don’t match their rhetoric they lie. [It’s in their code.]

To say Obama hasn’t done anything positive isn’t being exactly fair. Even though he’s distorted the facts and changed the descriptions he’s continuing several of Bush’s former policies. This is done to gain favor with all those rightwing extremists his underlings are trashing. Obama calling for the shots that save Captain Phillips however courageous was motivated by the images of Jimmy Carter leaving Americans swinging in the wind in Iran. If Captain Phillips had been killed by the pirates while being towed by an American war ship not even Obama could have survived that one. When Obama’s caught between a rock and a hard place he prefers to favor the rock and avoid the hard place. When in doubt Obama goes back to Bush 101 for the Answers.

As a card carrying Rightwing Extremist I pray to God to help me fan the flames of discontent warning the voters of this Obama administration and the 111th Congresses greed. I suppose I will be vilified for asking God to take sides, if not God then who? We’re all Gods sheep and its Gods duty to protect his sheep from the power hungry wolves. What’s wrong with asking for or offering God a helping hand when it’s needed? God created this great land called America and stocked it with the most deserving people on earth, the disenfranchised. The hearty immigrated to America the faint of heart stayed home. Now we are being told in the name of fairness we are to take from God and give to the faint of heart who haven’t earned it. That’s not my America share yes give up my freedom, never.

In over 200 years America has never had a president who was as pro-government and anti-citizen as Barack Obama. Hundreds of thousands perhaps even millions of solid citizens went to the streets in peaceful protest only to be called terrorists by the Obama administration who voiced their objection through the president’s personal propaganda machine, the mainstream media a supposedly fair and unbiased source. While these American patriots are braving the elements and media criticism the president they are asking “Why” is going around the world apologizing for the greatest nation on earth. The nation who’s done more for and less to than any nation in history, every one of these nations Obama is apologizing to has a darker past than America can ever be accused of. As a child of the welfare system Obama wouldn’t know how great America truly is / was until he came along.

Barack Obama started out a joke now he’s graduated to an embarrassment. Only the voters can correct the errors they made in the 2008 elections. We the Voters can start in the 2010 midterm elections by cleaning out congress. Lets Get-R-Done!


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