Has Obama Gone Fare Enough To Impeach

By: Ken Hughes

Barack Obama is getting away with what no other president would have considered.

For eight years Liberals called for the impeachment of George Bush without a scintilla of evidence Bush had committed any high crimes and misdemeanors. If the liberals were serious then I see a number of reasons to impeach Barack Obama if for no other reason than his sheer stupidity and arrogance. He sends Walmart quality trinkets to heads of state in America name. He returned state gifts sent to other presidents. He bows in obedience to foreign Kings. His worst error in judgment was to enter supposedly important meetings with our southern neighbors apologizing for the actions of the United States who for the past 200 years has sacrifices blood sweat and wealth protecting the rest of the world from enslavement. It’s obvious when American history was being taught Obama was on the beach smoking pot and whatever young Berry O and his friends were fond of doing.

In the early 1800s the new Unites States defeated the Barbary Pirates who had been praying on international shipping in the Mediterranean Sea for centuries. Again in 1823 President James Monroe signed a document prohibiting any further expansion by European nations into the Americas. In 1865 the first Republican President went to war to free blacks from slavery and preserve the union. In 1898 America came to the aid of Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippians ending decades of Spanish domination. This may come as a surprise to Mr. Obama but the American government or American merchant shipping was never involved in African slave trading. Indigenous Africans captured rival tribe members and sold them to European ship captains to be transported to Caribbean Islands occupied by European nations who in turn sold slaves to American Plantation owners. What Mr. Obama fails to mention in his apologies is there’s more than ample blame as well as a great deal of praise to go around. Something Mr. Obama also fails to address along with his apologies is the genocide and slavery going on in his accessorial home land of Africa.

Only a hustler or an idiot would go abroad pretending to represent America as its leader and make such stupid inflammatory comments. Mrs. Clinton was wrong “A village should not raise Children” Obama is a classis example of the welfare child.

If we Americans are too aggressive in our pursuit of excellence in modernization why are so many other countries racing to catch up? What’s so enlightening about mediocrity that Obama wants to reverse 200 year of progress and turn America in to a state run welfare society? The Obama’s earned over 2 million dollars in 2008 without lifting a finger, why would they deny anyone else the same opportunity? If we are going to talk about unjust enrichments then congress and the Obama’s should be included in the mix. If we’ve learned nothing else from history we should have learned dictators, demagogues, warlords and monarchs are never there to serve the people, they are there to serve their own interests at the expense of the people. Barack Obama is no exception wanting to fulfill his own ambitions at the expense of the country he swore to serve and protect.

In spite of what the Obama run Media claims the Tea Party protests were a not sponsored by any origination they were spontaneous grass roots gatherings protesting not only taxes but the arrogance of a president and a congress gone mad. A number of presidents starting with George Washington warned of the pitfalls of big government. As Ronald Reagan so aptly put it “Government isn’t the solution to the problem government is the problem.” The 22nd amendment to the constitution limiting the time a person could serve as president should have included congress as well.

The current Tea Party protest has the same meaning as the first one in Boston Harbor let’s hope it has the same effect inspiring the public to action. In this modern age of communication the public can do on the internet what the Minute Men did with muskets. These days American revolutions are fought with vitriolic verbiage not guns. The problem with this kind of war neither side knows when to surrender, the bombs just keep on coming and the victim is usually the tax payer.

The Nanny State has taken over we’ve lost our rights to self determination. In some communities one can’t even smoke a cigarette in their own home. A seatbelt is required when driving a car. Helmets are a requirement for riding motorcycles. Disciplining a rowdy child is forbidden. Protecting ones property from invaders can put a person in jail. All of these things and more are in violation of the constitution. The political propagandists tell us these things are for the greater good, I’ve read the constitution a number of times and have yet to read the words “Greater Good” anywhere in the document. How are presidents and congress able to bypass the constitution and get away with it? Because the public doesn’t give a damn most of the time until it hits them in the pocket book, only then do tempers begin to rise and voices are heard.

I’m not suggesting everyone should be politically active all of the time, I am saying no one should be intimidated by politicians or the media when they do make a stand. As hard as I try I can’t think of a thing Obamas underachievers have contributed making America the greatest country on earth. That leaves the unanswered question why are they entitled to share my paycheck with me? It isn’t like there are no opportunities in this country. If 25 million illegal Hispanics can find jobs why is it Obamas welfare children can’t find those same jobs?

Barack Obama is either the most cunning person or the dumbest bastard ever elected to high public office. [When Obama produces a legal birth certificate I’ll retract the bastard comment and gladly apologize if warranted] To date Barack Obama has been nothing but an American embarrassment.

If my criticism of Obama seem harsh it’s because he acts anything but presidential and even at times un-American. This nation grew and prospered before there was an Obama and it will again when he’s kicked out of office in three and a half years.

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