Small Town Tea Party

By: Guest Authors

by: Rebecca Giltner

I just got home from my local Indiana small town tea party protest, and I’d like to clarify a few misconceptions I have heard in the media recently. First, our protest was a dignified, calm, non violent event, in which people from all political parties gathered to show our government that we are all concerned about the direction our country is moving. This was about the out of control spending, the decline of morals, but most importantly, about the concern we all share over the constitution being violated by our government. I heard many liberal democrats being interviewed, and I even heard one man who identified himself as a far left democrat ask the media what was wrong with them. He said something to the effect of “they must be paying you guys off pretty well- I thought your job was to inform the people. You guys have really missed the mark on that one.” I heard bits and pieces of conversation, but I also heard moments of complete silence. Every person present bowed their head to pray, and no one complained that they were offended by us having a “Christian” moment. Every speaker came from a different background, different life experiences, and even different political parties, but the message from each one said very clearly that WE, THE PEOPLE are fed up. This is not what we voted for, this is not what we support, and we are the people that every elected official answers to.

Each action taken, every vote you cast, is to be cast in reflection of the majority. Guess what? The majority has not supported any of the stimulus that has put our future great granchildren in debt. The majority does not support your reckless spending. The majority does not support you disarming us and making us defenseless against our enemies, both as a country, and as individuals. The majority has yet to be given enough information to even decide if we support your healthcare, your social programs, or any others being pushed through in the middle of the omnibus/stimulus/bailout bills.

I am not a far right conservative. I am conservative, but my views are quite moderate. I believe in raising my children with morals. I believe in teaching them work ethics, honesty, integrity, and self sufficiency. I believe that you have the right to teach your children whatever views you hold important. I believe that every one of us has the right to be treated equally, get a job, succeed or fail based on our actions, and no one owes us a thing. The government seems to have forgotten their priorities. We have a constitution that is the cornerstone of our entire government. As for me, I will “Cling to my religion and my guns”, not becasuse I am a conservative, a threat, or any such reason, but because that is my right, and because it gives us a moral compass to keep us on track amid the moral less actions around us. That right was given to me along with my freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and my right to bear arms, among many others by our constitution. At this point, maybe those elected to uphold it, should read it.

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