Delusions of Grandeur

By: Eddie Clements

Recent MSM attacks against American citizens daring to object to expanded government smack of the warning to dissenters: love Big Brother or face extinction. In modern America, we don’t go for wholesale public execution; we favor ostracism and character assassination over physical murder. Less messy, and there is no crime against it, when performed on a conservative, Republican, Christian, or legal citizen.

The prime directive for government is to protect its citizens from harm, whether from internal or external threat, groups or individuals. Our government is attacking its citizens for expressing their dissenting opinion, which is their right under our Constitution. Where they are not being ignored, or their concerns diminished, they are being characterized as unpatriotic, fringe elements, or fitting the profile of terrorists. Rather than protecting us from harm, our government is threatening us with harm. All this is being reinforced by the MSM.

Was the American nation ever envisioned as a collection of citizens who all agree with one political philosophy? The Constitution suggests the opposite, because of the provisions for freedoms of speech, assembly, and religion contained in the First Amendment. In fact, it is the Constitution that we are all supposed to agree on.

Now, we have on the one side a group of people, liberal-progressives, who pay lip service to the First Amendment but operationally want to see its exercise limited to their advocates. The other side is denigrated, in ways that suggest those opposing liberal-progressives lack intellectual seriousness or a moral foundation. Enter Janeane Garafalo.

Ms. Garafalo made some comments about the tea parties to MSNBC’s Keith Olberman. Mr. Olberman himself displays a marked tendency to favor the personal attack over logical argument, placing him squarely on Ms. Garafalo’s side. They are arguably delusional. She characterized tea party attendees as ignorant of history, ignorant generally, and racist. A million Americans who have jobs or run businesses and conscientiously participate in our nation as honest citizens surely can neither all fail to know what the Boston Tea Party is, nor be racist after electing a black man president, but no matter. It is not important to argue against her thoughts, or even criticize her personally, the latter being the left’s tactics. Each individual must assess her intellectual seriousness or moral foundation.

What does matter is where the nation goes when you multiply Ms. Garafalo’s uninformed opinions and negative attitude by tens of millions, enough voters to elect a leftist radical as President. It goes to pitchforks for AIG executives that receive bonuses, a free ride for tax evaders in Congress and cabinet positions, multi-billion-dollar deficits as far as the eye can see, and eventual downfall from the inevitable reality that will intrude on the illusion that resulted from delusion.

The pitchforks references President Obama’s statement that “[his] administration is all that stands between AIG executives and the pitchforks.” A normal President would have said they are protected by law, not arbitrary imperial largess. One, when a president sets himself up as the sole arbiter for citizens between life and death, or even ill and harm, the Constitution has lost its primacy. Two, a president displaying such an attitude disregards the meaning and purpose of our Constitution, a document which is supposed to provide protection of citizens from government and its officials. Third, the president in so doing violates the presidential oath of office, an impeachable offense. Lastly, such arrogant expressions of contempt for law-abiding citizens clearly suggest a greater interest in using the power and prestige of the office of president for nefarious purposes rather than recognizing the solemn responsibilities of that office with humility.

The phrase “tax evaders” references the many officials, all Democrats, embroiled in tax difficulties. It includes, among others, Charlie Rangel, Democrat-New York, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, which writes tax policy, and Tim Geithner, Treasury Secretary, who’s Department includes the IRS. Their actions are willful and not accidental, making them criminal and not civil. We necessarily conclude willfulness because of the many Americans who have complex tax entanglements yet manage to report their income accurately and pay all taxes due. Those who seek positions of government responsibility are expected to at least fulfill requirements imposed on citizens. If they don’t, they are disqualified for their positions as policymakers. Instead, in a remarkable dereliction of duty and insult to tax-paying Americans, official spokespersons in the government and unofficial in the press afford these criminals a pass. Their actions are rationalized by “dog-ate-my-homework” stories akin to excuses a child offers a teacher. Such acts are unconscionable from people who wish to be considered as serious managers of our democratic republic having a multi-trillion-dollar economy. Thus political corruption becomes structural, which will result in a citizenry every bit as cynical as the political professionals and officials that participate in the corruption. Perhaps that is exactly the Democrat strategy, since the left expresses zero concerns about the tax issues. The old saying “they may be crooks but they’re our crooks” seems to be a guiding principle for supporters of modern Democrats.

Deficits references the sad fact that programs proposed by radical Democrats must be paid for by borrowing from foreign investors. No sane, well-informed domestic investor would participate in financing perpetual union pension support, Congress as automobile designers, or lawyers instructing doctors on how to provide health care to patients. Workable economics depends on rationality, investors making informed decisions that benefit their own interests. No definition of rationality fits the current expanded US government proposals. Dare we say foreign investors will look closely at the United States to see if investment here would be as safe now as it has been historically?

Millions who voted for Obama and Democrats are firmly ensconced on the left of the political spectrum, and would never have voted for a Republican. The added support of less left-leaning voters elected Obama and Democrats, some of whom surely now regret that vote. Obama proposes programs that are anathema to traditional Americans, but dear to liberal-progressives. However, the liberal-progressive worldview contains elements that deviate from reality and even empirical evidence, by definition a delusion (from Latin “deludere”, to play false. Under definition 3. Psychiatry: a fixed, dominating, or persistent false mental conception resistant to reason [regarding] actual matters or facts.)

A few examples: proposals for voluntary service tout benefits of working on the behalf of others (sacrifice, the socialist view), instead of your own interest (survival, the capitalist view); “capitalism doesn’t work”, when evidence abounds that it raises the quality of life for whole societies; “Reaganomics doesn’t work”, when it produced over twenty years of growth; “capital gains must be highly taxed as fairness”, when no recipient can be shown to whom the fairness accrues; “universal health care”, which hasn’t worked successfully anywhere; “increase regulations”, which have been shown to create financial burdens that reduces revenues available to re-invest in a business, create jobs or even raise salaries; “prevent firearm ownership”, which will only allow the non-law-abiding to obtain guns. One of the worst proposals is forcing “green energies” that have no developmental foundation as alternatives to increasing oil supplies. Our vehicles and machines don’t run on wind, solar, or hydrogen gas power.
Liberal-progressives envision an egalitarian society with universal health care, employment and housing, while enjoying environmental harmony, freedom from offense, and unlimited rights. Obama himself talked about “perfecting” our nation while a candidate. Such thinking is dangerously deluded, simply because humans are imperfect creatures.

Delusion leads only downward, recognizing reality elevates. We have until November, 2010, to alter course. After that, the ship of state moves full speed ahead toward the iceberg.

Eddie Clements

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