Hugo “Obamavez” or Barack “Chabama”? Are Pictures Really Worth A Thousand Words?

By: Michael John McCrae

There have been numerous pictures over the past few days on the “Drudge” website showing our foreign-born-yet-elected-usurper president in various schmooze poses with one of the world’s premier dictators. Handshakes and smiles all around!

Today’s pictures (Monday, 20 April) are showing a covert, outside schmooze and a book handoff between Hugo and Hussein of a book described as a Latino anti-American tome.

I had thought that such meetings were recorded for presidential posterity. But apparently (and still nobody’s talking about this) Hussein is permitted to not only maintain his blackberry, but is permitted to receive the dictatorial whispers of Hugo without anyone being concerned about what is being spoken.

Our youthful and inexperienced president has proven he can be easily manipulated by other world leaders. He has recently caved to the North Koreans, the Iranians and the Russians. He is permitting Communist China to dictate American economics. He has bowed to Arabian Kings and failed to bow or show the proper respect to a Queen whose country has proven itself a staunch ally.

Now you have the lifting of certain Cuban sanctions; the ability to sit under a Daniel Ortega (Nicaraguan dictator) rant without sleeping or taking offense; Mr. Obama’s political op-ed placed in major publications of the Latino press, basically apologizing for United States’ exceptional-ism and the buddy-buddy photo opportunities with Hugo Chavez. This one wonders mightily just how much more America’s new diplomatic tone will drive the country toward mirroring these failed dictatorships now gaining “favored nation” status in the eyes of our foreign-born-yet-elected-usurper.

I am sure that Barack Hussein Obama knows he is giving legitimacy to dictators with these pictures and overtures. Every picture tells a story of camaraderie and agreement. Hugo’s hand on Hussein’s back; Hussein’s hand on Hugo’s shoulder and the initial pictures of prolonged hand-squeezing accompanied by wide-mouthed smiles would lead one to believe these two guys were long lost brothers who had found out they each had been living in the same apartment house for twenty years.

Hugo was calling Obama an “ignoramus” only a couple of weeks ago! Hussein seemed to validate that assessment on this Latin American excursion into the forest of Latin Communism. Apparently Obama thought Chavez joking in his assessment and went into this Latin conference with his best smile, chuckle and “dap” on!

Then I understand that the book offered to Obama by his Venezuelan buddy, Chavez is battling Mark Levin’s “Conservative Manifesto” for the number one spot on Amazon. The book is an anti-capitalism and anti-United States book; something Chavez would certainly have as part of his personal library. And the title has the word “pillage” in is as in: “U.S.A. pillaging all of Latin America” type pillaging. So that would certainly validate Obama’s op-ed apology for the U.S.A. being such a “meany-guy” that we want to send illegal Latinos back to their home countries.

I personally recommend both books. You should read Mark Levin’s book to understand the true essence of the United States Constitution. You can read the Chavez-recommended book if you like; but I have been assured it makes for an excellent door-stop. I am sure Hussein will read Hugo’s recommendation out of the great respect he holds for dictators the world over.

Since the advent of the Obama Administration, American foreign policy and diplomacy has decidedly shifted to the favor of America’s enemies. We have told the world we are closing Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (we are bringing the boys there, home), we are shutting down the war in Iraq (we are bringing those boys home too, except the ones we transfer to Afghanistan) and we are publishing all the C.I.A. trade secrets about poisonous caterpillars, water boarding and extracting trans-fat from the beef burgers we feed our most incorrigible terrorist enemies!

And let’s not forget the circus that’s about to come to town in the form of a 16-year-old Somali Pirate who is about to receive so much ACLU aid and comfort the entire United States will be crying crocodile tears and screaming for his release from American prosecution.

You want to know the really sad part? Everything written above is true. (Except in this case the pictures were only worth a little more than 700 words.

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