Will Obama Join The Presidents For Life Club

By: Ken Hughes

Will Obama try to rescind the 22nd amendment to the constitution and become America’s second president for life? Then again he may just step over the constitution like he’s been doing with so many of his other programs. Where’s Congress, where’s the Supreme Court, where’s the Media we once fondly referred to as the fourth estate of government sworn to print only the truth? Where are all those safe guards the founding fathers built into the new government to make sure the people not demagogs would be in charge of things like policy, families and personal liberties?

Given the history of most of the countries to our south, Obama had no grounds to apologize for anything America may have done in the past. If I were a physiologist I would suggest Obama’s hat in hand, toe in the sand approach to his southern counter parts was to lower any expatiations they may have had of entertaining an intellectual. I spent many years living and working in the other Americas to the south. We may not have always been fair in our dealings but the United States supposed victims always came out better off than they were before America became involved. America has never done anything in Latin America that warrants an apology from its president. America has never done anything anywhere in the world that warrants a presidential apology. Presidents don’t apologies and they don’t pay homage by bowing to Kings.

Knowing the American media is less than credible where Obama is concerned I found it necessary to rely on the Drudge Report, Google, Bloggers and the various Latin American newspapers to determine some semblance of fact. Obama went to the meeting hat and check book in hand begging for personal recognition it doesn’t seem he was concerned with the image of America he presented. Truly honorable men don’t put their own personal desires above those of their country when on official trips. When truly honorable men screw up they take the hits and don’t try to pass the buck on their predecessor. The Obama camp has political propaganda down to a science, not only do they control the main stream media they have a staff nearly equal to the White House staff. The Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels once said “If a lie is told often enough to enough people it becomes the truth.” It’s apparent the Obama doctrine is laced with an exurbanite number of lies and deceptions.

A word of advice to Obama, when you rob from Peter to support Paul you piss Peter off and Paul is never satisfied with what he gets. Ultimately you’ll lose two friends.

The Obama administration hasn’t been exactly forthcoming just what it is they plan for the American economic structure. It’s obvious they want to control the financial interests of America by forming partnerships with major banks. Historically government partnering with private industry never works. Each side feels the other is out of their element, their rules and goals aren’t compatible. Less than three months after the bailouts GM and Chrysler are no closer to recovery than they were before Obama got involved. The banks are rebelling against government interference. When banks loan money they don’t do a daily check to see how fast the borrower is driving nor do they check to see how often the lawn in cut. The Government demands hourly accounting in triplicate and all that’s for is micro management purposes.

Americans are a proud independent lot who aren’t likely to accept Obama’s brand of socialism. In 1775 one third of the population were ambivalent about independence, one third were for staying with the crown, the last third were for independence and we know in the end that third prevailed. Obama and his supporters are misreading the statistics from the 2008 election. Obama won by 7 % that is neither a mandate nor does it account for fraudulent or uncounted absentee votes. That’s to close a margin for Obama to assume he can tear up the constitution and throw it in the trash can. Mr. Obama has the misguided opinion the welfare queens rule, they don’t they’re only a small portion of the American population.

The Obama administration is trying to run commercial America. About the only experiences Obama had with commercial America are his Saturday afternoon trips to Walmart. Barack Obama never earned a pay check that didn’t have Uncle Sam’s thumb print on it until he wrote two books transcribed and edited by the students of the University of Chicago that have earned him nearly 10 million dollars so far. Obama has no experiences to qualify him to manage or supervise the management of any commercial enterprise. Commerce has its place in society and government has theirs the two should never encroach into the others territory.

We elect Presidents to do specific things disrupting the economic structure of the country isn’t one of them. The constitution is very specific in what a president can and can not do in their official position. It seems apparent Barack Obama’s never read the constitution. At one point it was claimed Obama had taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago. That was soon shot down as one more fable in the “Obama Book of Fables.” It’s very difficult to discern what the Obama agenda or doctrine is since he has a habit of vacillating between explanations that seldom square with each other. It seems in order to staff his administration Obama went to the IRS Department of Tax Cheaters-R-Us. When the IRS ran out of candidates Obama went to the Clinton archives for the balance of his staff. If Clinton and his people hadn’t resolved all the problems of government in their eight years how can they [Get-R-Dome] for Obama?

Barack Obama was sold to the voters as some kind of a super intellectual. That image is rapidly disappearing as Obama goes foul up by foul up leading us down the road to a very deep rescission. In my 78 years I’ve seen 14 presidents come and go. I’ve always placed the blame for things gone wrong on congress where it rightly belongs. There have only been two exceptions where president have walked on the constitution and got away with it. The first was Franklin Roosevelt and the second is Barack Obama. Both presidents came into office after years of runaway prosperity that was destined to level out. Both men panicked and set the stage for long term economic troubles.

America works best when left to the people and the government follows the constitution. That’s been our salvation for over 375 years of pioneering a new land. When left to their own devices “We the People” are better prepared to make the American dream work than politicians. We have 18 months until November 2010 to send congress packing and take back our government.

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