The Obama Doctrine? WWBD – What Would Bush Do?

By: Michael John McCrae

After his recent visit to the camp of the South American Communist Party; receiving his personalized and signed copy of a certain anti-American screed; having his smiling face plastered over the front pages of the South American Leftist Press beside the ever bubbly visage of Hugo Chavez; agreeing with Daniel Ortega’s view of a nasty, capitalistic, immoral America; lifting certain Cuban sanctions as a prelude to normalizing relations (preparing to loan money) to a major communist society; I believe we have an accurate picture of the “Obama Doctrine”.

The Obama Doctrine: Whatever George Bush would do, do the opposite!

Two thousand currently voucher-covered, educationally disadvantaged children, rescued from the scourge that is known as the Washington, D.C. Public School System will be tossed out of their voucher program and sent back to those halls of educational underachievement. The program will not retain its funding because it is a working program that was fully supported by the Bush Administration.

The United States Armed Forces will have up to 25 percent of its budget cut during 2010. This was just the first step in depleting America’s military strength and value in keeping terrorists where they belong (out of America). The second step: releasing the CIA memorandum on interrogation techniques and disavowing any future use has given the terrorists hope that when captured, they’ll finally be getting 5-star chefs preparing their pork-unencumbered meals and they won’t be forcefully bathed on a water board. The third step will be to release the 80,000 soldiers currently being trained in Georgia to the streets of America to protect liberal socialists from true Americans. The Department of Homeland Security is prepared to crack down on gun owners, Christians, middle-class America and anyone who thinks Ron Paul is “da-bomb”! And if this were George Bush? Just think opposite all of the above!

There are banks asking to return TARP funds and Timothy (the tax cheat guy) Geithner, at the direction of his chief White House supporter are telling the banks not to bother. Obama and his main taxman want stock in the banks instead. The Obama Administration will own huge chunks of several banks. The taxpayers will guarantee all loans for the next two or three generations by agreeing to live in abject poverty while paying three dollars for a loaf of bread and ten dollars for a gallon of milk. Many are already content to pay a 1600 percent tax on beer and one hundred dollars for a carton of cigarettes, so what’s another tax dollar or two between liberals? George Bush would never agree with taking over private business. I believe he knows what the Constitution actually says. It doesn’t allow for government intrusion into private business, but that’s not keeping Obama’s gang from manipulating laws to confiscate property and personal wealth. Charles Schumer was a cheerleader for the 90 percent tax on bonuses law that naturally excluded anyone working for the federal (democrats) government.

Iraq? Pull the troops and let the Iraqis fend for themselves. Well, that’s the exact plan that ended South Vietnam. Afghanistan? Send in more troops without a game plan or any exit strategy. North Korea? So what if they’re firing long-range missiles and still working on their nuclear power plant? Hillary Clinton expressed our national displeasure on that last test. That’s certainly enough. Iran? Hey Ahmadinejad’s entitled to his opinion! I’m sure Obama will eventually stop talking to our enemies long enough to have some dialog with an actual ally. What would George Bush do? Just think I every possible opposite direction.

In case anyone has forgotten; our foreign-born-but-elected-usurper claims his mentors were men like Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Michael Pfleger, Louis Farrakhan and his communist college buddies. He hired three laws firms to continue to keep his actual birth certificate from public view. He still refuses to release his college records, transcripts and admittance records. The Selective Service Card that was presented to prove Barack Hussein Obama followed American Law is a proven forgery. Obama has repeatedly done the nation a Bill Clinton impersonation with his serial lying. Obama is nothing more than an inexperienced, foreign-born, Chicago-influenced street thug. He just happens to be a loveable one who works the hell out of a teleprompter.

America has got to awaken from Obama’s socialist utopian dream. Just remember; if it is something any conservative speaks against, (think communism, Marxism, socialism) Obama will agree with it. If it is anything a conservative would agree with (think school vouchers, tax cuts, capitalism) Obama will not only ignore it, but actively seek to destroy it. Obama is actively seeking to destroy everything President George Bush successfully presided over just to prove his point. The “Obama Doctrine” is all about Obama.

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