“Bo” VS. Cabinet

By: Guest Authors

By Rebecca Giltner

In October of last year, Barrock Obama announced that if he won the office of President, his family would get a dog. Of course his daughters were thrilled, as any children would be at the prospect of a pet. Since then, he and his family have researched numerous breeds, spent hours speaking with canine experts, and had finally narrowed the choice down to a shelter rescue labradoodle. I must say, as a pet owner myself, I was impressed with the well thought out choice, and the process they used to reach this choice. When the time came to choose a dog, suddenly “Bo”, a $2000 portugese water dog is on the scene. I am left with a few questions over this entire doggie dilemma.

First, how is it that President Obama had time for all this research while our country is falling apart? He is so busy he can’t be bothered with valid economic questions, tax questions, or even with completely reading the stimulus and omnibus bills he is signing, yet he has free time to do an in depth inquisition about a dog.

Second, how was he able to put so much solid research into a dog, but not his Cabinet? If even a fraction of the doggie effort had gone into researching his Cabinet choices, chances are good that he would have caught all the tax evaders, back taxes owed, personal issues which pushed some nominees to resign rather than face scrutiny, and other assorted examples of immorality and non-patriotism. After all, Joe Biden did say it was American’s patriotic duty to pay taxes.

Third, he was unable to come up with his own ideas on Cabinet members, so he just used “change” to bring back the Clinton’s good old friends. If he was made to choose, well, he picked such qualified people as journalists to help run the Department of Defense, radically far left Judges to help “reach across the aisle” in the Supreme Court, and many others that make America question what possible criteria these people met that qualified them for any upper level government position.

My last question may sound simple minded, however it is quite serious- if President Obama can do months of research, speak with experts, vets, canine trainers, etc, and reach a decision he believes is right, do all the things a dog owner should do for both his family and the dogs best interest, why isn’t he doing the same for Americans, and why, after doing all the right things, did he suddenly change to “Bo”, instead of making one choice and sticking with it? When our President can not trust his own judgment, how can we?

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