Perez Hilton and the Problem with Famously and Fabulously Queer Queens!

By: Michael John McCrae

Jesus declared the only proper marriage being that between man and woman. That settles that for me just as it settles it for Miss California (Carrie Prejean) who represents a state that voted pro-proposition 8 (man/woman marriage) during the general election.

Perez Hilton is a gay guy who is headed for hell. He doesn’t care and why should I. Well, I do because I must. It isn’t right for me to wish hell on Hilton. I believe he’s already living in a personal hell of hatred, bigotry and bitterness because he isn’t right with God and probably doesn’t even believe in God. Tough for him!

But I have to ask if a bigoted and prejudiced gay guy like Hilton should even have been at a beauty contest filled with women he apparently already hated? What makes a gay guy like Hilton even qualified to discuss women with men in marriage, making babies? His question was pointed not at the family unit of mommy, daddy, and babies; but was assuredly pointed at the perversion of two men or two women pretending to be mommy and daddy and getting some surrogate to make babies for them while they tried to figure out which would be the mommy figure and which would be the daddy figure. Go figure?

But now I see O’Reilly today interviewing some gay guy named Wayne Besson who wrote some book about the wonders of being gay; making him some sort of gay expert, I guess. Anyway, this gay guy said it was okay for Hilton to be upset and call Miss California a B-word and a C-word because he said that anyone who disagreed that gays should be allowed to call what they do “marriage” was a bigot. Now, of course, this was a lie because Obama the Mighty has himself said that marriage is solely between men and women. So is my foreign-born-but-elected-usurper a bigot?

We’ll never know because O’Reilly never asked the gay Mr. Besson (who lumped everyone into the same sugar bowl) if he’d admit the same distain for the president.

What is fair is fair and Hilton himself claims to be an “Entertainment Queen”. This gives Barney Frank’s “Banking Queen” designation a little more meat. When Obama repeals “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” we’ll probably end up seeing a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Queen and only the Lord will know how many other government “Queens”!

The only bigotry shown in this entire sorry episode is coming from those queens. Miss California is a Christian girl who was properly raised by a real set of mommy/daddy parents who were able to instill correct moral values and a strong personal faith into their daughter. The queerly insufferable Perez Hilton asked a question and received an answer that raised actual personal hatred toward a young woman whose only sin was to ignore political correctness and testify to her faith that Jesus knew exactly what he was saying when he said marriage was exclusive to the man/woman relationship.

Of course, the answer Jesus gave raised the anger of his detractors too. Imagine that!

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