State Defeats and Student Violence Bodes Ill for Dream Act


The Dream Act Amnesty legislation in Washington, DC has become more likely to fail again this year after the Democrat dominated state legislatures in Colorado, Arkansas, and New Jersey have killed similar state legislation and Dream Act supporters resorted to violence and destruction on the campus of UNC Chapel Hill last week.

“A vast majority of Americans are against the Dream Act bills and is reflected in the that fact 40 states have rejected measures like in-state tuition for illegals,” said William Gheen of ALIPAC. “In-state tuition bills were recently defeated in New Jersey, Colorado, and Arkansas where Democrats hold massive majorities. Federal lawmakers are watching those states and are hesitant to override state decisions during this economic crisis.”

The Dream Act also suffered a setback when Dream Act supporters mustered on the campus of UNC Chapel Hill last week, with the intention of shutting down a meeting, where retired Congressman Tom Tancredo was to speak against the Dream Act.

A national scandal erupted after Dream Act supporters physically confronted police, triggered fire alarms, disrupted the meeting with signs, and smashed out a window. The UNC Chancellor has launched investigations and apologized to Tancredo. Tancredo’s views on the Dream Act represent the feelings of a majority of Americans according to several polls. (Poll sourcing available upon request)

“The violence at UNC struck a terrible blow to the image Dream Act supporters were trying to present to Washington,” said William Gheen. “Federal lawmakers are now less likely to support an agenda that protesters are trying to forward by attacking events and shutting down free speech.”

After launching a very successful campaign to stop in-state tuition bills for illegal immigrants last month, ALIPAC is now launching a full national campaign to defeat the Dream Act Amnesty legislation in Washington. ALIPAC played a central role in the defeat of Dream Act and Comprehensive Amnesty bills in 2006 and 2007.

ALIPAC filmed and released the videos seen across America of Dream Act supporters using violence at UNC to attack free speech and those opposed to the Dream Act. For more information, please visit

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