“Change” We Were Decieved In

By: Guest Authors

By: Rebecca Giltner

America is quickly hitting its no tolerance point. So many promises have been made “for our good”, for “change’, and to “rescue” our economy. The reality is that none of it has succeeded. Maybe our government should listen to us for a change. We have generally run our own lives quite effectively for the last hundred years or so. Yes, we have hit bumps in the road, the great depression, times of war, terrorist attacks- but we have survived. We are Americans. We don’t expect everyone else to fix our problems. In fact, we want opportunities to succeed and to fail. We don’t want grades handed to us, or to our children. We don’t want our eductaion standards lowered to help kid’s self esteem. We want them to put forth effort, and pull themselves up to higher standards. We don’t want socialized health care provided. We know that this sacrifices quality. Yes, it is hard when we need to see doctors, and can’t afford it, but this makes us work, and act responsibly with our money so that we have it available when we need these services. We know that jobs are not guaranteed. We want healthy competition. It makes us better, and helps our employers to run sound, high quality businesses. Unless I am applying for a job as a rap singer, I know not to show up for a job interview with sagging pants, and bandannas in my pockets. Likewise, unless I am applying for a job as a stripper, I know not to show up in a tiny mini skirt, or a revealing shirt. You should not be required to hire me if I look this way because it is bad for your business. We do not want employers to be forced to hire unqualified, or inappropriate workers just to meet quotas based on sex, sexual orientation, race, religious beliefs, etc.

Although we get into financial messes, we find ways to bail ourselves out. We take care of our own problems, and at the end of the day, we are usually able to help out someone else in the process. All of this is part of being American.

The “change” I have seen so far is not advancement. We are being sunk into a debt we can not repay. Our government is using us to bail them out, and fix their mistakes of irreponsible spending, unrealistic budgeting, and also those of pure greed. The entire purpose of our government is to be there when we need them. They are not supposed to be a daily presence in our lives as they have become. They are supposed to be self sufficient, and knowledgeable about their individual jobs and functions.

As Americans, we have many different views on many issues, however there are a few views shared by most. We have rights, and freedoms that we value beyond compare. We expect our constitution to be upheld. We want choices in who we hire, what doctors we see, and what morals we uphold. If this makes us terrorists- us expecting our government to listen to it’s citizens, and protect our rights, then I will proudly wear that label. If I am a terrorist because I want my children to have the same rights I do, and the same chance to fail or pass, then so be it. If I want my money to be spent as I desire, not taken in taxes for your pet projects, then I am a conservative threat. Every area of our daily lives that the government has put its nose in has been corrupted. Our standards have disappeared, our rights are fading, and our entire way of life is suffering. It is definately time for “change”, starting with every elected official in this country. Our government has done such an exemplary job with social security, that it is nearing bankruptcy. Medicare has been so well managed that benifits are being cut for those who paid into this fund their entire working lives. Yet with all of this obvious mismanagement, they have approved numerous raises for those who are responsible for these failing programs. Change starts from the top. Until those in charge are held to higher standards, it will just be more of the same.

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