Looking Through Recent Headlines Can Be Scary!

By: Michael John McCrae

Man! Just when you might be thinking all is right with the world (does anyone think that anymore?), you sit to do some catching up and find some of the most frightening things mentioned in the daily headlines.

The Associated Press released a story entitled: “FDA OKs ‘morning-after’ pill for 17-year-olds” and I have to give you the first paragraph: “Seventeen-year-olds will be able to buy the “morning-after” emergency contraceptive without a doctor’s prescription, a decision that conservatives denounced as a blow to parental supervision of teens but that women’s groups said represents sound science.”

“Sound science”?

The article argues every possible scenario. It will increase abortion. It will eliminate abortion. It will endanger children. It will prevent unwanted pregnancy. Blah, Blah, Blah! Without any consideration for the fact that it will lead 17-year-olds into more “unprotected sex”. Protected sex is dull and boring because you have to waste precious seconds putting on and taking off diaphragms and condoms. Anyone want more unprotected, HIV infected children running around?

“Sound science”?

This idea is simply another tool of the leftist, socialist, multicultural anti-religionists to involve teenagers in the national change from moral decency to immoral decay.

It is unconscionable to make pre-packaged abortion available to children and refuse to teach them abstinence. The encouragement to experiment with not only heterosexual deviancy but the blatant efforts to get children accepting the immorality of homosexuality is appalling. If the public school powers that be want to teach condoms on cucumbers to 4th graders, is that supposed to be acceptable to parents? Does anyone know what that cucumber represents? Does anyone care that 4th graders are being given the tools to open their sexuality before they’ve even had their first beer?

Yeah! “Sound science”.

Then there was the LA Times with this story: “Fidel Castro says Obama misinterpreted his brother’s remarks”: subtitled: The former Cuban president rejects suggestions that the island should free political prisoners or cut taxes on remittances from the U.S.

Look. Better men than our inexperienced, foreign-born-but-elected-usurper have tried to get Cuban Communists to make nice to dissidents. All failed and Obama will fail. A tiger is a tiger and Castro is Castro (a murdering, communist scumbag) and it would be wiser for Obama to show the finger (as he did to McCain and Clinton) to the communist dictator; telling the old commie puke to take his little communist utopia and shove it into places reserved for enema hoses and Perez Hilton!

Meanwhile, AFP posted an article entitled: “Ahmadinejad raps Obama for shunning racism meeting” starting: “Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday criticized US President Barack Obama’s boycott of a United Nations racism conference, dubbing it “unhelpful.”

Yes this is the same Iranian sack of laxative calling Obama’s absence from a conference that normally allows the little Islamic Iranian crud to shine like the chosen one as he calls for the complete destruction of America and Israel. Well, Obama was too busy to attend this particular conference because he was busy listening to another commie puke and puny dictator named Daniel Ortega calling for the destruction of America and Israel. I’m sure our president was torn up that he couldn’t be in two places to apologize for America’s arrogance at the same time. (Perhaps Obama will speak with this guy who says he’ll have a human cloned in a couple of years, and then Obama can actually be everywhere at once!)

Get over it Ahmadinejad! Obama had to be “unhelpful” somewhere else!

Then there was the “jpost.com column: “No Holds Barred: Why does Obama smile at dictators?” and I thought, “Is this a multiple choice question?”

The first answer could be he was being polite to his greatly more experienced elders. He did not want to offend dictators who are already highly offended by the successful United States. Perhaps Hugo Chavez was correct in his estimation that Obama is an “ignoramus”? Perhaps Obama is secure that since he was only a few months old when America last pillaged South America and sent Ortega out of power in disgrace, he didn’t have to take 50 minutes of communist ranting personally. After all Ortega was right and Obama’s conscience is clean! Perhaps Obama smiles at dictators because he perfectly understands them and can feel the camaraderie? We shouldn’t listen to a patriot like Rush Limbaugh, but better to listen to and agree with Chavez, Castro and Ortega.

In the meantime back on the home front, when Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano wasn’t besmirching conservative, Christian and Veteran “extremists; she took to besmirching Canadians by suggesting the 9/11 terrorists came to America through the northern border.

It is probably better to know Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is a freaking moron now; before she is able to do anyone else great harm with her imbecilic comments and memorandum. Just the same, if you plan to attend any July 4th T.E.A. Party, be sure to avoid CNN Reporters and the DHS spies sent out by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. You will know the DHS spies because they’ll all be carrying microphones with a CNN logo attached.

A Washington Times headline touted liberal freaking moron number two: “Kerry aims to rescue newspapers” with this attached paragraph: “To the Boston Globe family,” the Massachusetts Democrat wrote to employees of the 132-year-old publication, which faces closure unless it can come up with $20 million in union concessions to parent company the New York Times by May 1. The Globe is losing $1 million a week.

Now I just want to express an opinion that Unions eventually destroy business. Unions I believe ask for far too much and are never satisfied with what an employer concedes. I believe this is not the greed of the employee so much as the greed of union bosses who are empowered by government officials. Since more than 95% of all union political donations go to Democrats I would suggest that Democrat Party is in large part responsible for union excesses. I see business CEO’s maligned by Congress and not one word spoken against greedy union heads who refuse concessions. These are simply opinions based on observation. (Education and Automobiles come to mind.)

CBS reported on liberal freaking moron number three; Hillary Clinton’s latest congressional schmooze to the cameras in her bid for more money to spread American brand family planning internationally. All women of all countries are entitled to abortion services don’t you know? The headline: “Feisty Clinton Takes Capitol Hill By Storm” made me smile because here’s a “feisty” gal that never had control of her guy; allowing him to bring himself down with office affairs that didn’t include, but were enabled by a future Secretary of State.

But her one comment on Dick Cheney says it all for the ignorance of Mrs. Bill Clinton. She doesn’t consider the former number two man in the executive branch of government a “credible” source of information. And this left me to wonder just how “credible” she believes the current number two of the executive might be. (You can take “number two” any way you care to.)

Finally Bloomberg reported: “Freddie Mac Acting CFO David Kellermann Found Dead”

I told you the headlines were scary.

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