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April 28, 2009

Sarah Palin — The Truth, Fair and Balanced

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True statesmen embody ideas and concepts greater than themselves. Sadly, since liberals tend to set the agenda for public discourse, Sarah Palin the leader pales beside Sarah Palin the tabloid star and Sarah Palin the eternal novice. It’s …

Obamaphiles Enjoy That Which They Would Deny You

The Obama progeny are well into their studies at Sidwell Friends School. As their parents, Barack and Michelle have every right to enroll their daughters in the school they think best for their children. Ironically, this is one …

The Chinese Naval Capability Continues to Grow

Many defense industry and global military analysts are concerned with the advancement of the Chinese Naval Forces. And for good reason as it seems the Treasure Fleet Sails Again and Admiral Zhang is on the bridge.

Obama’s Turns World Tour Into AA Meetings

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Imagine a small dark room filled with world leaders sitting on folding chairs all facing a simple podium in a dim light at the front of the room. Now imagine a person in the crowd getting up and slowly walking …

Apology To: The World

We would like to apologize to everyone on Earth who hopes for and cherishes the idea of freedom, that the freedom-loving people of the United States have elected a deficient, delinquent, and deceptive president and majority Democrat Congress. We alone …