Apology To: The World

By: Eddie Clements

We would like to apologize to everyone on Earth who hopes for and cherishes the idea of freedom, that the freedom-loving people of the United States have elected a deficient, delinquent, and deceptive president and majority Democrat Congress. We alone are responsible for all the ills that will befall the people of Earth as a result.

We are saddened by the prospect of reduced security to all people who hold dear the ideal of individual liberty, due to the inability of our current leaders to project an image of purpose, strength and resolve to enemies of freedom. The U.S. President has displayed a greater affinity for the rights of kidnappers, extortionists, and battlefield enemies, and for those who support and encourage these enemies, than for human rights or the long-term safety of Americans. Hopefully this condition will be temporary and can be corrected at our earliest opportunity.

We apologize to people everywhere for the arrogance of the current president, who holds himself up as moral arbiter of American values, when that same president consorted with domestic American terrorists, questionable pastors, corrupt politicians, and at least one felon. That information was not widely distributed to voters or placed in the proper perspective by media responsible for these duties so those voters could make an informed decision. The information was disseminated to voters by other sources, but it reached too few people, and was ignored by all too many U.S. citizens who should have known better. He is causing confusion by telling all of you that the U.S. has acted badly in the past because of his predecessor, instead of taking responsibility for the job he wanted and received. He says he will make the future brighter, but his actions and words so far indicate the opposite is true.
Freedom–loving citizens of America apologize to seekers of accurate information the world over for our most popularly watched media outlets, including some print and internet media, who distort our events, image, and purposes. We realize America is held in high esteem as a purveyor of truth, and regret that so much of our media has abandoned detached objectivity and truth. Instead it has assumed a supplicating posture to the same American political party, Democrats, which conceived of and promoted structural oppression and ostracism against persons of color in the southern states of America, called “separatism.” For these commissions of complicity and duplicity and the harm caused we deeply apologize.

Connected with the failures in duty of the current president are members of our Congress, especially Democrats. These delinquent individuals contributed to the above-mentioned deception about the Democrat presidential candidate by unquestioning support for that candidate to enhance their own chances to acquire power. Such irresponsible acts are ill-considered reasons for assuming positions of high office under our traditions, and violate the high standards of conduct expected of officeholders under this nation’s founding. We apologize for the manifest failure of American politicians to adhere to the standards of duty, honor, and responsibility which the world expects of this nation.

We apologize for the financial crisis created by Democrat lawmakers, who devised extra-legal intimidation schemes on private lenders, forcing them to extend mortgage loans to non-qualified home-buyers. These schemes resulted in the creation of financial instruments to distribute the risk of those same private institutions extending loan monies that had higher risk of not being paid back. Financial institutions and investors the world over were subsequently damaged by the failure of those instruments. The American people hold responsibility for electing people to Congress that made these laws, even when their involvement with the institutions they regulated and the risk posed by the forced lending scheme were known.

Normal citizens of America apologize for elevating political correctness to acceptable forms of speech, stifling freedom and inhibiting free thought. This has caused particular problems for undergraduate students you send to our universities, since they have to take humanities and social science courses taught by professors who hate America and its people. Examples of how this may cause confusion include calling terrorists man-made disasters, naming temporary weather patterns global warming, and referring to systematic oppression by some governments as necessary justice.

We apologize for the misanthropic antics of our former president Jimmy Carter, who has exhibited love for despotism and its leaders around the world. He has served them as an observer who certifies elections of despots misleading people of emerging democracies into thinking the elections were fair and unbiased. He was our worst president, and shows a marked tendency to anti-American speechmaking and writing, and embracing freedom-loving peoples’ most vile enemies.

We apologize for former vice-president Al Gore, who has mislead the world population into thinking there is an imminent climate disaster about to occur any day now which would cause widespread drowning, starvation, heat-related deaths and man-made toxic poisoning. There is no existing evidence to indicate any of this is true, yet he has been given awards like the Nobel Prize, and an Oscar for a deceptive and inaccurate film he calls a documentary, promoting a delusion he calls global warming. Mr. Gore has displayed increasingly mentally unbalanced behaviors since losing the American presidential election in 2000, so it is best to just ignore him.

We apologize for former president Bill Clinton, who has traveled far and wide to denigrate everything traditionally American and personally attack his sitting successor president, in contempt of the deference his predecessor showed Clinton. His wife now acts as our Secretary of State, possibly the worst overseas representative of our country ever. This dysfunctional family has negatively influenced the world’s people by telling them anything they want to hear, giving the impression that the Clintons posses special insight when they only excel at character assassination, scandal, reprobation, evasion, dishonesty, and cruelty.

We further apologize for setting on a destructive path a nation which has been a shining beacon of hope for oppressed peoples throughout the world. That light appears to be in imminent danger of extinction by those who think we can be a better nation by being more like all other nations. Over two hundred years of being unlike everyone else made this the nation so many others aspire to become a part of. But never give up hope, for as long as people live who love freedom, the light of liberty will burn.

Eddie Clements

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