Obama’s Turns World Tour Into AA Meetings

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By: Neil Braithwaite

Imagine a small dark room filled with world leaders sitting on folding chairs all facing a simple podium in a dim light at the front of the room. Now imagine a person in the crowd getting up and slowly walking to the podium. As he turns and lifts his head to address the group you begin to recognize the face of our new President, Barack Obama. His short and simple statement breaks the silence in the room: Hello, I’m Barrack Obama and I’m a capitalistaholic. The crowd answers back in unison with a warm and cheerful: Hello Barack. President Obama smiles, gives a nod of approval to the crowd, and begins his deepest confessions…straight from his teleprompter.

What’s sad is that I can almost picture this scenario happening in some undisclosed back room before each world summit our new President attends. But regardless of my imagination, the reality is that every time President Obama steps onto the world stage, he turns the whole summit into his personal AA (Apology and Appeasement) meeting.

As humorous as this scenario may seem, it is dangerously close to the truth. While there may not be any private AA meetings before the summits, Americans have recently witnessed their President, with his feet planted firmly on foreign soil, apologize for what makes our country great while appeasing leaders of nations who would revel in our failure and destruction.

President Obama is willfully surrendering the last bit of leverage and respect we have left as a world power for the sake of trying to make “friends” with every country who, for whatever reason, hold us in contempt and wish us harm. His selfish ambition to become the savior of the world is leaving America more vulnerable to attack on every front, be it military, terrorism, financial or social. Leftist leaders who see in him a great weakness are playing President Obama for a fool. But the real fools are our political leaders who should know better, the left wing liberal media and the millions of duped Americans who have turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the true reality of what’s really taking place as they all play along in concert with President Obama’s insidious plan to socialize America.

President Obama’s arrogance, ignorance, inexperience and messianic complex coupled with the agenda driven leftist media and politicians that champion and defend his every move, has drastically compromised the safety and stability of America.

President Obama’s “Apology and Appeasement World Tour” has succeeded in elevating the status and cause of every socialist and communist dictator he meets. In his incompetent attempt to project leadership, strength and compassion, President Obama has brought our nation nothing more than embarrassment, weakness and dishonor.

President Obama’s ceaseless apologies for all the world’s problems are having the opposite effects he intends. His apology for American “hate” will only empower those who hate us. His apologies for American “violence” will serve to invite violence from those who would do us harm. His apology for America’s “oppression” will further oppress all those living under the same dictatorial regimes he seeks to appease and befriend.

For someone who puts so much stock in words, President Obama sure plays reckless with them before the eyes and ears of the world. Unfortunately, he seems totally oblivious to any harmful consequences for America that will result from his provocative statements and outrageous proposals.

Our new President has opened a giant Pandora’s box, and from it flows an evil stream of contempt, anger, hate and danger aimed point-blank at our great nation.

For the first time in my life, I honestly question our country’s future and ask myself a disturbing question…will America sleep safer tonight?


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