Judas in Pennsylvania

By: Craig Chamberlain

Not that Arlen Specter was ever much of a Republican, but his switching parties is still a betrayal. He started out as a Democrat, and when that no longer served him he became a Republican. They should have known he was a weasel. After all it was the “Republican” Senator Specter that led the charge against Judge Bork, and instead of kicking him out of the party right then and there we kept promoting him, he was promoted all the way to chairman of the Judiciary committee.

Like all politicians he wants to be promoted again. If he sells out he’s likely to be given a pat on the head by Harry Reid for increasing the Democratic majority, it’s the 60 votes that the Nevada neanderthal is after, and since he couldn’t get it in the election he’ll settle for picking off the RINO’s in the herd. Michael Steele better get himself to Maine quick, before we lose two more.

Senator Specter didn’t make an ideological jump because he doesn’t have an ideology. He’ll be whatever his party needs to be. Like all politicians in our overbearing, corrupt, arrogant, inefficient and amoral system the only thing that he cares about is keeping his office. He’s terrified that the people of Pennsylvania might actually throw him out of office and make him work for a living again. The country would be an exponentially better place if the politicians joined their countrymen on the unemployment line.

Well, since it is Pennsylvania he’ll be reelected. After all President Obama called them bitter, superstitious, religious fanatics and they voted for him, and Congressman Murtha called them a bunch of racist rednecks and they voted for him, there’s no reason that the people of the Keystone state won’t throw out a degenerate hack like Specter.

For the short term this is a bad thing for the GOP, it now virtually eliminates any hope of stopping the Obama steamroller. After swearing to vote against Card check he’ll now be for it, after all he’s got to make his bones with his new bosses. Nationalized health care, the destruction of our national security are now on track to become the law of what was once a free country. In the long term this is a good thing for the party ideologically. It get’s rid of the parasites that made up the RINO wing of the party. Chaffee is gone, Shays is gone, and now Specter is gone. Good riddance, the Rockefeller wing of the party needed to be condemned a long time ago. There is no reason for the party to keep these people in their ranks, they’ve always done more harm than good. They’ve done everything in their power to undermine the GOP and the conservative agenda.

America is now a one party state, and we have no one to blame for this disaster but ourselves. We voted in these collection of clowns and criminals and now were shocked that they are behaving in a clownish or criminal way. The constitution is supposed to be about checks and balances, but it’s pretty obvious that the bozo’s in Washington and your typical American voter don’t care about that, they’re too busy drinking the Kool-aid of hope and change.

The fact that men like Senator Specter and Senator Reid have jobs is proof positive that the American people no longer care about their constitutional freedoms, if we did these two would be unemployed or in prison. They only care about keeping their special interest money and doing their masters bidding.

Specter is a traitor, and in Dante’s Inferno the ninth circle of hell was reserved for those that had betrayed their benefactors. Guess it gives the Senior Senator something to look forward to. But Specter is just a symptom, not the disease. The disease is the entire system that has failed so completely, so fully, that only a hypocrite or a lunatic would take time to defend it. It makes one wonder if there are enough patriots in this country to stop wasting their time throwing tea bags into the water and go out there and really get their constitutional liberties back, because now Washington can(and will) do anything they want to the people of this country, and Senator Specter is the man who made it all possible just so he could be in the majority party and have a bit more power.

That’s what public service means today, that’s what passes for patriotism in Washington D.C. It’s well past time for the American people to get themselves a new government. How about we get one that actually works for us?

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