Obama Forget Bush Its All Yours Until 2012

By: Ken Hughes

How long can the Obamanestias get away with blaming Bush for their mistakes? The President goes around the world yelling at the top of his voice “Bush Did It.” Obama really should stop running against Bush. The man is gone, he’s back in Texas mowing the lawn and cleaning the pool and keeping his mouth shut. Until recently when one president left office two things [didn’t happen,] former presidents didn’t speak harshly of their replacement and the new guys never blamed the old guys for anything. Even Nixon who left office under undue pressure and trumped up allegations no matter how true they may or may not have been didn’t spend time trying to explain his offenses. In this new age of communication things are changing, there are more sources of information available than just the print Media, Network T V and Radio. This makes it imperative politicians stay one step ahead of the bloggers. They think the allegations of impropriety are forever present and need to be guarded against even if it means lying.

There seems to be an inherent fear among politicians there’s something out their trying to get them and if they don’t get whatever it is first they’re doomed. The only security in being a Washingtonian is being a Washingtonian beyond that everything is constantly up for garbs. Once a Washingtonian is established they never lose their jobs they just move around a lot. That was affirmed by the people Obama choose to be in his cabinet and on his personal staff, Republicans are no different the system in bipartisan. The problem with that system is there are rarely any new ideas being injected it usually ends up being same old same old. There are three Washington’s the one that’s supposed to work, the one we are told works and the real one that doesn’t work.

There’s no longer any such thing as partisan politics being a republican or a democrat simply identifies the seating arrangements in the halls of congress, the ideologies are the same, “United we stand against the peoples wishes” or so it seems.

There was a time when a congressman would have an office with a staff of one or two persons to do research and shuffle papers. Now the staffs can number in the hundreds whose main purpose is to write denials and deliver requests to lobbyists. Lobbyist’s interns are the real workhorses in Washington, to paraphrase and old quote, “From little interns mighty congressmen grow”. Political Interns go from the Universities womb to the halls of congress, it’s as natural as child birth it’s self. Over the years the system has become corrupted, not so much for monetary gain as for power. Money flows through Washington like the river Jordon, political power is something that has to be cultivated and nurtured for years to bare fruit. In the corporate world its called networking in the world of politics it’s called sucking up.

The system didn’t reach its current level of incompetence in a single administration, it been in the making since 1789 when the first congress was sworn in. In his farewell address to the nation George Washington warned of those things political that could harm the new nation. Nearly every president since Washington has warned against the excess of government. Ronald Reagan’s famous quote may have said it best, “Government is not the solution to the problem, government is the problem.” these words still ring like church bells through the conservative movement .

As we peruse the news there’s scarcely a government municipal, state or school administration that isn’t in debt deeper than they can ever recover from. It started by selling bonds to support their aggressive expansions, then it moved on to just plain over spending with every creditor assuming governments can always pay. The current administration verifies to the lesser municipal bodies they don’t need credit the government just need to print more money and pass it around. This is the epitome of the welfare mentality. I’ve come to the conclusion Obama isn’t peddling socialism his is a whole new [ism] a doctrine of “Welfareism”. Until Obama came along welfare [aka] entitlements had been a small corner of the government, now it is the whole government. How does this happen if not from the influences of years of incompetence of national leadership?

One Of My Pet Peeves

Allow me to address the hypocrisy of not drilling for oil under our own lands. There’s no question America is going to use the oil by the billions of gallons. Who in the hell cares where it comes from, there’s no environmental impact on drilling. It’s had a positive impact on the marine life in the Gulf of Mexico. The wild lives in Alaska prefer hanging around Prudhoe Bay than to migration to Canada. The only negative impact on Americans is the loss of jobs and higher gas prices. Then let’s not forget the trade deficit that’s created from the importation of petroleum to the United States. During these tough times producing our own oil for both domestic uses and exportation could go a long way to boosting this country back up into the black side of the economic ledger. Oil isn’t just what powers our cars trucks and airplanes it’s what industry relies on to lube the gears of production. Natural gas produces the heat that melts the iron that things are made of. Nothing on this earth grows walks or flies without lubrication, which includes man, plants and animals alike. It’s pure stupidity to make one of earth’s most crucial elements into something evil. It’s not the product that’s evil its how its vilified that’s evil.

America’s headed for difficult times not only economically but politically. The voters have elected a person who’s only seen the welfare side of government. This child of the welfare state [Obama] has no concept of earnings or profit and loss. All he sees are government checks rolling out to pay for the meager necessities of life. All Obama sees is what all democrats believe that from slavery to poverty in only 144 years is only the first step, what more can they expect? It’s not like ethnics aren’t smart enough to make in society without special privileges even though they’re six or more generations removed from slavery. It’s their spokesmen like Obama have an invested interest in keeping ethnics in a form of intellectual bondage. If the poor never get smarter than their handlers the handlers win.

Perhaps future Tea Parties will enlighten the voters to what’s happening under their noses, maybe they’ll begin to smell the [crap] that going on and wake up to make some changes starting with congress and working their way to the top through the bureaucracy, starting in 2010.

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