Obama not Standing up to Challenges

By: Craig Chamberlain

It’s hard to imagine someone actually saying the following sentence: Joe Biden was right. But just as a blind man can get lucky and hit a bulls eye, ever now and again the class dunce might know an answer. He said that this administration would be tested within its first six months and well the demagogue from Delaware actually had a little insight there. Of course, American governments being tested isn’t anything new. All the way from Washington to the present day the President has always had to face some kind of challenge or crisis. We remember true leadership as facing a great crisis and taking it head on, and bringing the country through it.

Failure is seen as running away from a crisis. Lincoln is seen as a hero because he faced the secession of the south and led the country through a brutal civil war that ultimately made it stronger. His predecessor, James Buchanan, is seen as one of the worst Presidents in the history of our republic because when faced with the same problem he did nothing but pass the buck to the next administration. President Eisenhower, when faced with the crisis of desegregation, stood up to the challenge. He could have taken the road of President Jackson and simply ignored the court, perhaps he could have even declared “Justice Warren made his decision now let him enforce it.” Instead of making such a proclamation he sent troops in to force desegregation. President Johnson, not usually a President I admire, went against a large segment of his own party and passed the civil rights bill in 1964.

President Obama, sadly, is not measuring up to these precedents. If the last three months is any indication of the next four years we can’t expect much in the way of action. Rogue nations fire off missiles and Washington wags its fingers. Rather than speaking to the people suffering under dictatorships, and letting them know that America stands for liberty, President Obama thinks that it’s better just to cozy up to the dictators themselves. I can see it now, Oprah having a Hugo’s Book of the Month Club. Our Dear Leader thinks that his charm alone will open up countries and turn enemies into friends. We see how wrong that philosophy is when he reached his hand out to Cuba, and we saw Fidel slap it away in a hurry. Rather than tell Hugo Chavez to stop oppressing his own people he goes over and says he wants to make friends. Yeah, that’ll help bring democracy back to Venezuela.

We have “man made disasters” instead of acts of terrorism. We have an overseas contingency plan instead of a “war on terrorism.” The administration thinks that returning veterans, and those who actually want our government to enforce our immigration laws are a more serious threat to our country than Osama Bin Laden and his Al- Qaeda network is. Bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia, doesn’t improve relations with the Saudi’s. The Turkish government isn’t more cooperative because President Obama went to Ankara and apologized for the entire history of the United States. Hugo Chavez isn’t going to become a Democrat, or pro American, because he and President Obama start exchanging books.

Of course, these aren’t serious challenges. They’re minor distractions. With the real threat of our time, Islamic Fascism, President Obama is silent. He’s pledged more troops to Afghanistan, but has no real plan on how to defeat the Taliban campaign and root out the Al-Qaeda terrorists hiding out like rats in their caves. Instead of hunting them down, he believes that he can find some moderate faction of the Taliban(moderate Taliban, talk about your oxymoron’s. It’s like saying intelligent democrat) and negotiate with them.

Want to see how well that strategy works? One only needs to look to Pakistan. The newly elected government decided that it would be easier to appease the terrorists than to keep up the war that former President Musharraff had been waging against them. And shock of shock, it hasn’t worked. The Taliban broke their word, as soon as they found it convenient to do so, and have continued their offensive. They have extended their power just sixty miles from the Capitol city of Islamabad before the withdrew. The Taliban never intended to hold their newly acquired province, it was a message to the government. “We can take over anywhere we want, you’ve been warned.” The Taliban, now smelling blood, are demanding strict sharia law throughout their country. The government, who must have graduated from the President Obama school of government, will probably try negotitations, though the actions of the Taliban have proved that they are worthless. The only remaining options are to fight or give in.

It doesn’t look like the government has the willpower to fight, or the know how if they even attempted it. So what will our Dear Leader do if Pakistan, a country with nuclear weapons, falls under the control of bloodthirsty, anti American terrorists? The entire region will be thrown into chaos, and everyone will be looking for the United States to do something. I can hear his order now: unleash the diploimats!”

Talk is cheap and talking to terrorists is futile. Real leadership will be required if such a crisis were to emerge and it’s all to apparent that this administration just doesn’t have it.

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