Obama’s Slowly Reverting Back To Bush 101

By: Ken Hughes

Kill or be killed It’s In The Safe Zone.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could just as well be working for George Bush the way she’s conducting herself on her trips to the Middle East, [well almost]. Is Obama finally realizing you can’t apologize then kick them in the ass a minute later and still have them respect you and call you friend? He may do that to the American people but the dudes with the oil have a bargaining chip. Yes Mildred, Obama does know the value of oil to the world’s economic stability. When I was a young adult the government put the fear of God in the public by exploiting the fear of an atomic bomb coming down from the sky into our living rooms. The next great fear was the communists are coming. Governments manufacture fear the same way McDonalds makes Big Macs and usually for the same basic reasons profits, with politicians its profits paid in authoritative powers. Today its torture and greenhouse gases tomorrow it will be something else.

The Obamanestias are off on a tangent for world peace and a river of green neither has a chance in hell of happening in his limited four years as president. It’s difficult to quote Obama; he’s like a ventriloquist. Much of what he has to say comes out of the mouths of the dummies surrounding him. He often makes some of his more memorable statements when his aids are reprogramming his teleprompter. One off his latest off the cuff statement I recall was his intention of meeting with the more moderate members of the Taliban and Al Qaeda. For them to deal with Obama he would have to become a martyr and join Allah and the 72 virgins in Muslim Heaven. [Barack baby] let me fill you in there are no moderate terrorists, and if there were moderates never speak for militates.

While our men and women are on the front lines in the war on terror risking their lives politicians like Obama sit back in the safe zone fighting the same war with cleverly crafted phrases creating hope where no hope exists. Peace at any price is highly over rated, ask six million Jews. Ask the millions who accepted communism only to have it turn on them. Ask a Canary in a cage or a dog on a leash about freedom, only cats are free to say “Screw you I’ll do it my way.” What politicians define as peace is often surrender and subjugation. Men who are willing to live in caves like animals aren’t likely to come to the negotiating table and give up their only bargaining chips, murder and mayhem. Obama assumes these are rational men with a purpose in life, their not and never will be. So far the Taliban and Al Qaeda have no stated propose for their terrorist wars other then killing infidel, that’s not much too base peace talks on.

Unlike Obama George Bush knew this was a war that would likely last 100 years or more and he stated that many time from the beginning. It’s always been in the Bush doctrine to keep the battles as far from American shores as possible. Bush wasn’t as concerned with impressing the American public as he was with surprising the terrorist with Americas might and resolve. Obama seems to be changing that by taking the coward’s way out. It seems Obama is willing to sacrifice [who knows how many] Americans lives to keep from offending Muslims. Offend them all I say if it means saving one American life. Bush fought the war on terror for seven years and in that seven years the terrorists gradually drew back to the easy targets, those in Islamic countries where America has little or no presence, he saved most of the civilized world from further terrorist attacks and he did so with the rest of the world kicking and screaming. Just enough to impress on the terrorists they weren’t Bush butt boys.

There’s a distinct possibility in Obama’s first year in office America will be hit with a new terrorist disaster again killing thousands. Then Obama becomes the villain and Bush the hero. God has been around since the beginning of man, God has never advocated surrender as a means to an end. Jesus was the peace maker who turned the other cheek and it only lasted three or four years, so much for pacifism. God created man and gave him all his skill among those skills is the art of self-defense. If God hadn’t intended man use those skills he would have given him longer legs so he could run away from danger.

I’m not Anti-Christian but it seems to me after 2000 years of praying for peace with no answer forthcoming and no peace maybe there is another way and that way may be war. Mans only predators are illnesses, old age and war. Take any one of those away and the natural balance goes out the window. As for me I trust God more than I trust Obama to guide us in the right direction.

When I was very young the Spanish American War and World War One was still topics of conversation. Everyone knew World War Two was just around the corner, even when the president told us we would not get involved in another European war the country was preparing for the inevitable. It was a time when patriotism prevailed over pacifism. In those days men went to war to win not to compromise, the victor set the terms it was called “Unconditional surrender.”

This Weeks O’Blunders By The Obamanestias

Robert Gibbs Obama’s propaganda minister says our torture policy is keeping young men and women from enlisting for military service. Under the new Obama policy we no longer torture so what’s his point? Volunteers should be lining up at the recruitment offices standing in line taking numbers now that Obama’s in charge.

Janet Napolitano of Homeland Security says in spite of the epidemic of swine flue in Mexico there no need to check Mexican nationals crossing into the States. I didn’t realize Ms. Napolitano was an expert detecting swine flue. I’m sure she won’t be so apathetic about those Hog Framers in the mid-west prairie states.

A G Eric Holder is still chasing those torture butterflies that seem to have infected the Whitehouse. That’s a tight rope congress won’t allow anyone to used.

There’s more but I’ll wait to another day, There’ll always be more O’Blunders by Obama until January 2013, Obamas has slightly less than four years to entertain us and steal our stuff, [aka] money freedom and pride

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