National Group Asks Congress To Stop Illegal Immigrants With Mexican Swine Flu


Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is calling on congress today to demand that the southern border be closed to all non essential traffic and that military troops are deployed to stop the nightly flow of thousands of illegal immigrants into America.

Yesterday, ALIPAC called on Congress to hold emergency hearings on the Mexican Swine Flu outbreak and lawmakers responded fervently with meetings now scheduled for Thursday in the House and Senate.

“We have thousands of illegal immigrants entering America each night and we can’t contain or slow the progression of the latest Mexican outbreaks with that happening,” said William Gheen of ALIPAC. “Even Obama and Napolitano’s weak and inadequate ‘passive surveillance’ directives do not apply to the illegal aliens and drug smugglers coming in tonight.”

America is suffering from a massive illegal immigration crisis because existing immigration laws decreed by Congress and supported by over 80% of America’s legal citizens go largely unenforced.

Illegal immigrants continue to rush across our unsecured borders in expectation of taxpayer benefits, health care, in-state tuition for their children, and Obama’s promised Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty.

Public concern levels have risen due to media and governmental reports of plans by the Executive Branch to pursue open borders and an economic union between Mexico, Canada, and America that maintains a “free flow of people, goods, and services” during pandemics on other crises without congressional or public mandates.

“Americans want our borders secured now more than ever,” said William Gheen. “This latest in a series of health threats emanating from Mexico speaks loudly for border security and the government’s failure to respond accordingly should be a wake up call for all Americans.”

Janet Napolitano announced yesterday that she had no intention of securing the borders to slow the possible pandemic because the Mexican swine flu is already spreading in America and to secure the borders would cost millions of dollars in lost profits and commerce. “Of course, closing the border is not only complicated but would really cost millions of dollars in terms of trading commerce. So that, right now, is not something that we are looking at.” Napolitano said.

ALIPAC is one of America’s largest multi ethnic and multi party national organizations in America fighting for border security and immigration enforcement since 2004. For more information, visit

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