Socialism for Dummies by Barack Obama

By: Ken Hughes

Is it capitalism or government interference that brought this nation to the brink of disaster? One of liberals favorite clichés seem to be “For the greater good”, the question is for whose good, politicians or the public? I see no greater good in the government telling us when to stand and when to sit, when to speak and when not to speak. The greater good flies in the face of everything America has always stood for. For centuries man has braved the elements to come to a country where his every thought and deed is now being taxed or controlled. It seems in the name of the greater good we’re losing our right to the pursuit of happiness. I may be wrong but it seems to me this greater good thing has been tried and failed in most of the rest of the world.

George Bush is still being vilified by the Obama camp for allowing Dick Cheney to run the country for eight years. Actually it wasn’t Cheney running the country it was the constitution and congress, a mistake Obama isn’t about to make. If the founding fathers could sit through a day in the Obama Whitehouse I’m sure they would vote to remain subjects of British Kings and Queens. None of the old traditions that made America the greatest country on earth are sacred in Obamaville. Obama’s welfare mentality seems to have kicked in and come hell or high-water “We the People” will be obedient to our new masters. The Obama propagandists have tried to campier Obama with several former presidents without much success unless you count Jimmy Carter, that’s as close of a comparison that can be made for Obama and former presidents.

Fortunately this Abomination, [sorry about that] this Obamanation of America comes at the right time. The voters have about 18 months to feel the pain of a socialist government on their backs then they can go through cleaning incumbents out of congress like Molly Maids cleaning your house. The 111th congress speaks volumes for justifying term limits on congress. Most of both houses of congress have been left in the dust of the 21st century. Currently the only thing most of congress can relate to is Roosevelt’s New Deal that turned out to be a raw deal. It took the bombing of Pearl Harbor to wake the public up in 1941 and again the disaster of 9/11 in 2001, what will it take to wake congress up to the fact we aren’t like our cowardly cousins the Europeans, we are Americans the strongest nation on earth. Most Americans aren’t about to shelve the constitution in favor of government welfare.

If Obama’s done nothing else he’s brought America’s socialist movement out in the open where it can finally be fairly judged. American socialism no longer hides under the cover of liberalism or progressive misrepresentation, Obama’s placed his socialist beliefs in plain sight with the rest of the isms. Obama didn’t hide anything he made his views known before he was elected president. The assumption was politicians lie so many of the voters ignored much of what Obama was peddling as pandering to the extreme left no one expected him to stick with it. Obama’s power grab is unprecedented in American history. No president has ever had the chutzpa Obama has shown in his first 100 days. This can only come from a man / boy educated with the welfare mentality it seems Obama grew up in.

Will Tea Parties Save Our Nation

The Tea Act of 1773 set the stage for the American Revolution it took two years until 1775 before the guns came out. Free people are less likely to submit to tyranny than those with centuries of domination. Barack Obama, the 111th congress and the main stream media are on the fast track for turning this country into something 200 years of effort to preserve freedom and due diligence preventing government ownership of every aspect of our lives. America isn’t a perfect society I doubt anyone wants it to be. I doubt Obama understand one mans perfection is the next mans depression, in this case what Obama is turning this country into goes beyond anything any president should be allowed to do. There are still patriots in this country willing and able to stand up for democracy as we’ve known it for 389 years since the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock.

As much as the left would like the Tea Parties to go away they’re here to stay at least until Obama leaves office. CNN, MSNBC and other mainstream media sources are out to destroy the Tea Party movement the way they tried to destroy the Swift Boat movement in 2004. The Swift Boaters achieved their goal as the Tea Partiers will achieve theirs. In 1770 a hand full of colonial patriots challenged British authority in the city center of Boston, it’s been called the shot heard around the world, and it was the beginning of colonial rebellion. Thousands if not millions of citizens from every political persuasion came together and voiced their objections to Obama’s new policies the protests were always more about policy than taxes. The Tea Parties will continue and grow, July 4th 2009 Americas Birthday Tea Party gatherings will dwarf anything this country has seen in years. There’s a fear greater than this rescission and that’s the fear of losing the America we’ve know and loved for over 230 years.

Turning back Obamas socialist policies starts with the congressional election in 2010, The way to do that is by supporting other than incumbents candidates prior to the election, political party is less important than character. Encourage new fresh minds with clean bodies attached, young men and women [sans] political corruption to run for elections to both houses of congress. The way to prevent this power grab from happening again is to place term limits of 12 years maximum on congressional service so politicians will have the public’s interest in their service as apposed to self-interests.

The first Pilgrims landed in what would become knows as New England in 1620. They left England for religious and political freedom. The pilgrims coexisted with the Kings laws until 1770 when taxation without representation became an issue the colonials rebelled as their pilgrim ancestors had before them.

During the revolutionary war one third of the population were opposed to independence, one third were ambivalent and the final third were diligent in their pursuit of freedom. If this static holds the Tea Party patriots will win again.


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