Hope and Change For Islamofascists

By: Eddie Clements

There is a group of Islamic men sitting around cross-legged in a cave somewhere in _istan toppling over in peals of laughter. This follows a session of prayer to Allah in thanks for the many good fortunes he showered upon them. Osama Bin-Laden knew all they had to do was just survive, not win, in Iraq. They never really had Iraq, but by contesting there they won sympathy from the Islamist public, and are on the verge of gaining Pakistan. To sweeten the deal, Obama throws in pictures of American “torture” of detainees.

Afghanistan will probably soon be back in the fold. There is no mechanism there to prevent it, Obama having little stomach for a fight against anyone but traditional Americans. In Iraq, their people may be able to defend themselves with a little luck. Capturing Pakistan with its nuclear weapons cache will turn the tide. Some story on TV news said those weapons can be evacuated before falling into the Taliban’s hands. Would that such optimism was based in reality. The Obama administration will more likely tell the Taliban where to find them.

Prosecutions of Bush administration members for their audacity of legal opinion supporting waterboarding ran into public opposition. President Obama waffled to mollify the left, who rabidly pressed their attack. One wonders if releasing pictures of torture for broadcast throughout the world is a way of trying the Bush administration in the court of public opinion. Obama gains nothing but grief by being responsible for sending an ex-president, or even his hired hands, to jail for following orders to render advice on how to keep Americans safe. This way, the previous administration will be executed by media and historians, No muss, no fuss, the bad guys are worse than convicted, they are shamed. Since shame means something to conservatives, unlike liberals, that should be good enough.

Meanwhile, back to the cave. I wrote (or dreamed) that Democrats must think they have struck the political mother lode in Obama. He’s a silver-tongued devil that can convince people he is mom-and-apple-pie-loving-American righteous while throwing grandmother under the bus before rolling cameras. Obamafans would solemnly nod their heads in agreement when he reads from the teleprompter, “That wasn’t the grandmother I knew.” Some of us were not fooled, but obviously not enough. Bin-Laden must be thinking he can put Obama in his pocket easier than a Bedouin can pitch a tent. Now, it will be easier than ever to recruit using images obtained from the infidels themselves. Even if his soldiers are caught, not to worry, he tells them. This is the worst they could do to you, and now not even that. The Americans will keep you safer and feed you better than their own people! You may spend some time in a jail cell, but so what? Right-wingers won’t be able to get to you, and if they do, they’ll be prosecuted for hate crimes! And coming soon…nukes for the infidels courtesy of Pakistan!

How long will it take for all the straight faces to wise up? I’m talking about those “serious” talking heads as seen on Foxnews, in print and other places. Karl Rove is unwilling to appear conspiratorial, but he has caught on. He knows this is an emergency, you can tell by his tone. There is no plan of action for a rogue president who betrays every value the nation has achieved; who knew this could happen? Any candidate for president should reflect the views of the larger society. The one elected is radically different than the majority of Americans. Too many talking heads say if Congress passes the laws, what can we do? Agitate like it’s the end of the world, because for all intents and purposes it is if Obama proceeds much further.

Even the wooden minds of The Gang That Can’t Think Straight in the White House should understand that Pakistan’s fall to the Taliban instantly destabilizes the whole region. Of course, they have no idea what to do about it. What can be done? Obama probably is saying if it happens, he will contact the moderate elements of the Taliban and make a deal. He’ll charm them into signing a contract for assistance (read: bribe) monies to “bring order so innocents don’t suffer in Pakistan” or some such. The Islamic reps will smile, shake hands, say profuse thanks and other compliments to the vision of the new president and go on camera saying how lucky the U.S. is to finally have such a wise and gracious leader. Then they’ll pocket the money, betray any contract they signed, and plan the final destruction of Israel. No, they won’t destroy us; we print the money, more of which will be extorted. The MSM will go bonkers and declare the War on Overseas Contingencies caused by Man-Made Disasters is over and we won. Obama will receive a Nobel Peace Prize.

Their first missile will be a practice launch toward an Indian city. The Taliban will petition “our brother B. Hussein Obama” to intercede on behalf of the Allah-loving peoples of Pakistan, renamed Al-Quaidastan, to assure the Indian government it was all a mistake. “It was a Russian console; they told us the red button meant ‘reset’!” Obama will negotiate with the Indian government, saying retaliation only diminishes the chances for a lasting peace. After he leaves, India will lob a nuke to Islamabad and the game will be on. Obama will receive a second special edition Nobel Peace Prize for good intentions.

Meanwhile, back home, the thought police are gearing up to make homosexual slurs a federal felony crime. The first step toward suppression of Christianity will proceed with curtailing of free speech. A glimmer of hope appears with the abandonment of the GOP by Arlen Specter, Senator of Pennsylvania, who says they moved too far to the right. We may be able to capture that seat in 2010 with a real conservative Republican. I hope it’s a sign of good things for the GOP.

We need a majority of lawmakers to resist the path of least resistance of cooperating with the Obama administration. His foreign policy suggests too much reliance on his personal star power, which foreign leaders are using for their own purposes. A guy claiming good intentions assuming the moral high ground, asking for disarmament, puts himself at a disadvantage in an armed and determined world.

Eddie Clements

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