The First 100 Days

By: Guest Authors

By: Rebecca Giltner

I was amazed when listening to the press conference about Obama’s first 100 days. The liberal media is still singing his praise, and the questions asked were so obviously filtered to allow only the positive answers and to showcase his “accomplishments”. What happened to the media’s job to inform the public? I kept waiting for a few key questions, such as “Mr. President- Why, when our economy is such a mess, are you continuing to spend approximately $350,000 each time to fly to another state to give the same speech you are giving here? And more importantly, why did you spend $330,000 for a photo op of your plane flying low accross the New York skyline, an event which traumatized thousands of citizens who are trusting you to make good decisions?” I was infuriated that the leader of our country, who is supposed to exercise impeccable judgment for the good of American citizens, would be responsible for this stunt. I was more bothered by the lack of media coverage, except on Fox News, of terrified people running, buildings being evacuated, hours of work lost, etc, all for a photo op. As I have said many times before, our President is supposed to set an example. We are in am economic crisis, as he has pointed out numerous times. He is sinking us into a debt that is becoming a black hole of pork, Democratic projects, programs we do not want, and now photo ops that we must cover the cost of.

I remember during the campaign, Obama said that the people must rise up and demand a change. He was right. Sadly, though, we tried that with the Tea Party protests. He is now cracking jokes about those protests, and using them to label conservatives as a “right wing terrorist threat”.

I have never taken issue with Democrats. In fact I have always believed that a two party system was the most effective way to maintain a balance in this great country, however I am now feeling that anyone who does not fully agree with all Democratic policy is being bullied, and silenced. This is not how the government in a Republic is run. Democrats achieving a majority should never be the means of changing our country form its basic fundamentals into a socialist nation, nor to a dictatorship. We have a three part system to ensure checks and balances, yet somehow powers are being shifted to put each check into the hands of those with the same goals.

I believe our President is right, we must rise up and demand a change, starting with his examples and frivolous spending. Maybe he also needs a refresher course on the events of September 11, 2001. After watching Air Force one, followed by a fighter jet, brushing the skyline, and even disappear behind buildings in New York, I completely understand the fury and horror of those who were there to witness it first hand. Our president recreated the appearance of a terrorist act and never once thought of the impact on his citizens. This is a serious lack of judgment on the part of everyone involved. I will rise up, and I think all citizens should rise up, by sending pictures of September 11, 2001, and a letter voicing why we are all so bothered by this, to our President. I am sure we will be called conservative terrorists, but this effects people from all parties, and all walks of life. As citizens, it is our responsibility to be active in our government. This one act went beyond the economy or taxes. It was blatant disrespect towards the worst tragedy our country has endured in my lifetime. If we don’t speak up, we are dishonoring the memories of every person who lost their life, and every American who survived that disaster.

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