Political Turning Points

By: Brooks A. Mick

Quite often one notices a turning point in life only after the fact. This is true in politics as well.

The far left of the Democrat Party had been angered to a degree after the Gingrich takeover of the House in 1994, but it awaited the thwarting of Al Gore’s election theft attempt in 2000 to really cause the left to become psychotically venomous toward anything even slightly right of the far left edge of politics. I think it fair to say that Al Gore’s demand for recounts and George Bush’s stubborn refusal to play the vanquished gentleman’s role a la Nixon in 1960 resulted in the current mental derangement of a fair percentage of the Democrat Party. This has led to an even more determined election theft apparatus, resulting in Republican losses in the governor’s race in Washington and Norm Coleman’s impending loss of the senate race in Minnesota. Indeed, the same staffer engineered the election thefts in Washington and Minnesota! The Democrats, universally known for election thievery in close elections, strengthened and fine-tuned their mechanisms for stealing elections to the point where they simply refuse to let an election theft be foiled.

The basic method of election theft is simply to continue counting until enough ballots can be manufactured to produce a Democrat win. The method by which this obvious thievery is allowed took several years of work pushing and electing ultrapartisan secretaries of state in the various states where close elections could be expected. The state courts had already, in many cases, been stocked with liberal justices who could be counted on to allow unequal protection under the law, permitting votes to be counted in ways that favored the Democrat in the contest.

We should note that there is no statistically valid reason to believe that recounts are any more accurate than the initial count. Indeed, watching what happened in Florida, Washington, and Minnesota, one can conclude fairly that the recounts are less accurate and are being deliberately skewed toward the Democrat in the contest and that the longer the count can be prolonged, the more Democrat votes will be manufactured.

Another tool in the election theft toolkit is that the Democrats can always count on the press to begin calling for the Republican to concede—and Republicans are almost always so nice and gentlemanly that they do give up.
Even Richard Nixon, as long ago as 1960, conceded even though it was a pragmatic certainty that Kennedy and Johnson had stolen the election by fraud in Chicago and along the Tex-Mex border. George W. Bush was an exception, continuing to fight for his rightful victory even though the press, election board of Palm Beach, and the Florida Supreme Court were arrayed against him.

Norm Coleman is currently having election theft perpetrated upon him, and so far he has resisted the urge to surrender. I encourage him to continue all the way to the US Supreme Court if necessary. Knuckling under will only encourage more election theft.

Regarding Al Gore, his claim to fame as a global warming guru seems to be fading as the scientific evidence turns against his pet theory. I hope he gains well-deserved infamy as the Democrat politician who unleased the epidemic of election theft upon the country and contributed the most to the venomous hatred the left wing of the Democrat party displays toward anyone who disagrees with their positions or tactics. The hyperpartisanship of modern American politics had its turning point in Al Gore’s decision to attempt to steal the presidency.

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