Kill The Pigs! HEY PETA! Where Are You Guys?

By: Michael John McCrae

No, this is not about killing the pigs calling Tea Party folks unpatriotic. No, this is not about killing democrat members of Congress trying to drive America into socialist ruin. No, this is not about killing radical members of NOW, Code PINK, the ACLU, NEA or UAW. No, this is not about killing liberal hosts of shows on NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN or the TIMES conglomerate, even though all those shoes might fit.

This is about stupid Egypt! Read this: “Egypt last week ordered the slaughter of all the country’s 300,000 pigs even though no cases of swine flu have been reported here. The World Health Organization has said the move was unnecessary because the virus is being spread through humans. On Sunday the organization reiterated its message that pork, ham and sausages are all safe to eat.” (AP story found on Yahoo News)

Egypt wants all the pigs dead. These pigs support the “Christian” community in Islamic Egypt. Putting two and two together you might think this was an underhanded method of committing genocide. The complete destruction of the Coptic Christian main source of economic stability has been ordered destroyed.

The AP report entitled: “Irate pig farmers clash with police in Egypt” reminds the reader that on a lesser purge of pork in Egypt, pig farmers were only reimbursed pennies on the dollar for a substantial monetary loss. Farmers are quite convinced the government will treat them the same way this time. They fear for their businesses and their families.

This purge could affect up to a quarter million people dependent on pig farming. The Egyptian government is taking a crisis that hasn’t affected Egypt and is taking a page out of the liberal-socialist playbook by accepting the “Swine Flu” crisis as an opportunity to kill every pig in Cairo. This is certainly akin to Rahm Emmanuel citing America’s economic crisis as giving American socialists the opportunity to take control of banks, car companies and the mortgage industry while destroying the livelihood of capitalists’ dependent on those free market enterprises.

So it would seem that President Obama’s trip overseas has had its desired effect. Liberty, Life and the Pursuit of Happiness can be destroyed for Egyptian Christians just like it is being systematically destroyed for American Christians.

Egypt is quoted in the article that it intends to open newer pig facilities in two years, further outside the metro area of Cairo using a whole new crop of pigs imported from other places. Fine; but what do Egypt’s pig farmers do for two years without income? Will the government support them and keep their families from starving?

The farmers have been doing a great service for Cairo by collecting the city’s garbage and recyclables. That practice would normally end because there would be no pigs to benefit from the garbage collections. If the new farms are sent too far from the metro area, how do the farmers then get their products to market? The Egyptian government has not thought this through. They are reacting to a scare perpetuated by the worldwide liberal media which has been suggesting the American government is using another so-called crisis as an opportunity to push national socialist health care.

Someone has to call PETA. Someone has to call the World Court. Someone has to consult with the U.N. These pigs need asylum! This is a great opportunity for Obama’s globalist view to do something useful. We have got to try to save millions of pork-chops, hams and pig’s feet for the world’s starving masses. Save the whales? Hell! SAVE THE PIGS!

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