Obama Average People Also Have Rights

By: Ken Hughes

We The People Of The United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justices, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity , do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

The key words in this extraordinary document are “We the People”, not we the president or we the congress or we the courts. The meaning of the constitution seems to be lost on those elected and appointed to govern this nation and we must include the media in this group. Network media has become the voice of liberalism rather than the voice of reason and truth. Liberalism is a slow growing cancer that’s been infecting the nation’s political system for the past 76 years. Every few decades it makes a surge that speeds up the spread of the cancer cells. The last serious threat before Obama came along was the election George McGovern ran for president and lost. That was the year political conventions graduated from nominating forums to University Frat parties. That was when there was still and active grass routs effort by Republicans and Democrats to reach the masses. Today public opinion gathering is left to professional pollsters. These days when a politician comes back to his / her district and you don’t have upwards of $ 500 dollars for a ticket you don’t get within shouting distance, eye contact is out of the question.

Obama said he intends to appoint a person to the Supreme Court who is in line with today’s constitution, I would remind Obama today’s constitution is the same one George Washington and the founding fathers were in line with in 1778, give or take 16 amendments added as the nation grew. It takes amendments to change America not Presidential proclamations, executive orders are supposed to be short lived only until congress gets around to passing laws.

In 1770 to 1776 those men who stood up against excessive laws enforced by soldiers of the Colonial governors were called patriots, today the same patriots who stand up protesting a government gone wild is called dissidents, racists and subversives and that’s by members of the government we the people elected to serve and protect. Today politicians have no respect for the voters, and like sheep the voters go where they’re sent. Politicians reputations are built on words not deeds, anything they can explain away is within the scope of their beliefs. Obama and the 111th congress are convinced the public will accept anything the government pays for. The public’s becoming aware it’s their money not the governments,

Obama and the 111th congress are convinced all money belongs to the government and is only allowed out to be used as a medium of exchange. The government has a right to call the dollars back any time it likes. This comes from a welfare mentality, it comes from a man who never cashed a check that didn’t have Uncle Sam’s thumb print on it.

Like many ethnic children Obama never had a father he only had a “Baby Daddy” who he never meet until he was 10 years old. Obama’s mother Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Sutoro was the product of government handouts in grants and welfare most of her life. What she didn’t get from government welfare she got from foundation grants while living in the jungles of Indonesia as an anthropologist. His mother’s life style probably had an influence on Obama’s childhood. She was his Dr. Livingston and Berry was Stanly sent to find her, a fantasy that never materialized. Both of Obama’s parents earned PhD degrees so stupidity wasn’t part of his childhood nor was poverty. Obama’s grandparents raised him in a middle class white neighborhood in a state where racial predigest was at a minimum. In Hawaii Obama could have passed for anything he liked and usually did according to some reports. While running for the Illinois Senate Obama admitted drugs and sex were very much a part of his teen years. Only when he came to the mainland did Obama accept black as his color of choice. Those early years in Chicago are the dark years we know little or nothing about.

There’s nothing in the previous paragraph that isn’t true nor is it racist, these are facts that are meant to explain some of Obamas characteristics. Obama was abandoned by his father and mother and raised by less than loving grandparents according to several sources. Obama is to be credited for getting as far has he had prior to becoming president. President is a job he isn’t qualified to handle nor does he have the understanding of what America is all about. America isn’t about government giving and taking it’s about earning it’s about patriotism, it’s about love of country these are things Obama doesn’t understand.

Who created this Robot called Barack Obama? My guess is MIT except Obama went to Harvard. Maybe MIT doesn’t want to admit their error of releasing one on their practical jokes on the public. More important than its creation who’s programming it

what’s behind the teleprompter kid? We can assume Obama is a Robot because of the many stands it takes and as quickly abandons on any number of critical issues. It would take a village to program a day with Obama and get it all down as it speaks. And of course that includes the retractions that aren’t quite retractions but things said in its name that it didn’t say but never the less meant, sort of maybe.

Obama can’t really believe redistributing the nations wealth will work? In five years everything will be back to normal, the rich will have invested and prospered the industrious will have invested and prospered the poor will have squandered and will be back with their hands out for the next go-around of welfare. Money nor the lack of it isn’t a determining factor in mans character, knowing how to use money is. God created all men equal is only true as fare as them having two arms two legs and the rest of the parts, from there on it’s a different story intellectually all men are not equal some have it most don’t, if they have it their not using it. America is at a cross roads either we stand up for the principles handed down in the constitution or we become servants to a master race of soon to be self-appointed politicians.

I believe in God and Gods power to readjust what man screws up. I also believe God doesn’t step in until he / she is sure it worth the effort. Until the American people show God they want more than a Pelosi / Reid / Obama dynasty God isn’t going to do much. Pelosi / Reid / Obama haven’t put much faith in God, I can assure them God has been around longer than they have and will still be here when they’re gone and forgotten

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