The Old Guy From Pennsylvania (Specter) And Other Inane Democrat Terrorist Acts

By: Michael John McCrae

Arlen Specter (?-PA) is a spectator. He watches the wind. When the wind blows a hard right, he leans to the right. When the wind blows hard to the left, he leans left. He is a political opportunist to be sure; loving his foreign-born-but-elected-usurper-buddy enough to ensure a filibuster-proof senate majority.

Should he face any straight-line winds will Specter crumble like the Dallas “Air Dome”? Will he face any kind of challenge as a liberal Democrat? Will he go down in senate history as the only senator to successfully run for office with campaign contributions from the opposing party? I believe the RNC should demand all money currently in Specter’s campaign coffers. Now that he has declared himself a Democrat (again), whatever money he has from Republican donors should be returned or Specter should be charged with theft by deception.

Speaking of deception; the Air Force One, New York City flyover that panicked thousands of city residents was a great deception indeed. Not only did our foreign-born-but-elected-usurper get a major pass from the liberal media for his inopportune photo-op, but Obama did not have to answer one question about how the more than three-hundred-thousand taxpayer dollars spent on his photo opportunity helped the country’s stimulus in any way.

Well, it seems Obama’s last owned automobile was sold on “eBay” for a little over two-hundred-thousand dollars and a grand idea might be for the IRS to tax that particular capital gain at 90 percent to recover at least a portion of the money wasted on Obama’s Air Force One PR stunt.

Speaking of capital gains; it seems Obama has handed the UAW (United Auto Workers) a major gain in the Chrysler Corporation and is prepared to give his union buddies a major share of GM (General Motors) as well. Seems our president likes to break with precedent as he takes over private corporations; dictating what they will and won’t sell or make while laying off thousands of rank-and-file workers and getting courts involved in his wealth redistribution policies. All Hail King Obama!

Then there’s the nation’s number two guy, Joe Biden. He’s a pip when it comes to encouraging the country to hang tough while it pulls through a so-called-no-longer “Swine Flu” scare. The now re-titled Swine Flu falls into the same category as other major world threats like terrorism: as the “War on Terror” has been renamed the “Overseas Contingency Operation”, the Swine Flu is now the ADHD Virus, or the ADD Virus, or the PMS Virus or the NOW Strain. Joe Biden either warned America to stay out of confined spaces (a prudent measure when dealing with liberals) or he did not. Personally I believe he was just looking out for his own family by what he said. His family should avoid confined spaces. The rest of the country can cough on each other all they want as long as the Biden family remains safe.

Speaking of remaining safe; Obama may flip-flop on military tribunals for Guantanamo’s worst of the worst (which happens to be all remaining terrorist detainees) because there’s just no other recourse. No other country will take the Islamic scum (except countries run by the Taliban and Al Qaeda). It might be wise to just pull out the troops, leave all the gates unlocked and let the Islamic scum walk free on the shores of Cuba! Isn’t that was Cuba did during the Carter Administration? Fidel let all his criminals walk to the beach, hop on boats and go to America to ply their nefarious trades. We should reciprocate by permitting the Islamic scum to walk around Cuba; recruiting new members for Al Qaeda! Yeah! That’s the ticket!

Finally (for today) we should remember the North Koreans. They have the bomb. They have tested a bomb. They are going to test another and begin enriching uranium for more bombs. Will our foreign-born-but-elected-usurper ask North Korea for any of the profits gleaned from Iran and other terrorist nations to repay America for all the humanitarian aid we’ve given them since the time they lied to Bill Clinton’s Madeline Albright? Will he order air strikes against North Korean nuclear facilities: (Wait! I now have to stop laughing my ass off.) or will he simply call Kim Jong Il and ask him nicely to stop his shenanigans while offering more carrots to a nation needing “the big stick”?

Let’s all stay tuned to hear the political words of wisdom as vomited by such liberal pukes as Garafalo, Maddow, Matthews, Olbermann, Cooper, King, Brokaw and the rest of the liberal unholy hosts!

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