Republicans Get With It, Stop Crying And Start Wining Again

By: Ken Hughes

Republicans have a poor record of success in the past several elections, not because the voters preferred Democrats rather because Republicans had little to offer. Politics is all about the perception of having a better plan that their opponents. In 1977 the first Jimmy Carter won the Whitehouse because Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon, it was the right thing to do but it cost him a second term. George H Walker Bush lost his second term because of his lying lips. It was doubtful Bush Sr. could have won over the charismatic Bill Clinton whatever he proposed. Bush Jr. won over Al Gore because Al Gore was an empty suit and offered nothing substantial for the country to believe in. Barack Obama [the reincarnation of Jimmy Carter and FDR in one] won because he had everything to offer everyone. Obama claimed he was the thousand points of light Bush Sr. had talked about and didn’t produce. Obama promised in his first 100 days to turn America into the Utopia man has dreamed of all of his / her life. Everyone would be able to sit around smoking pot singing Kumbaya my Lord and let the government provide for their every need. Obama promised heaven on earth, he didn’t tell the America people they’d have to go through hell to get there.

Republicans need to learn the lesson of fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on you , fool me three times and your out on your butts as we’ve witnessed in recent elections. The GOP can’t win in 2010 and 2012 unless they go back to the basics of campaigning from the ground up, its time to get the voters involved in the decision making process The RNC must go back to the people to listen and learn, the American public has had enough of Washington in their lives. Politics should start in the family living rooms across the country and work it way to Washington, not in Washington working its way back to the people. The Constitution starts with “WE the People of the United States” not with we the politically elite.

If the Republican Party is to become a viable representation of the American people again it must move away from the Washington elite and back in to the streets of America from where it came. The Republican Party was created in a small school house in Ripon Wisconsin in 1854. The Democratic/ Republican Party and the Wig Party of the day had moved far away from what the country had been formed to represent. Many throughout the country felt a new party was needed to represent the common man. The abolition of slavery was an issue but not the main issue, preserving the union was first and foremost in the minds of these men forming a new party. The two parties of the day no longer represented the people not unlike today. Today preserving America as we’ve known it for over 200 years should be first and foremost in the minds of our national representatives. The voters need to remove the political bureaucracy that’s been corrupted by stagnation for the past half century, too many congress man / women have served to long to continue to be effective, every field needs new seed from time to time, to be productive the fields of politics are no exception.

I’m continually inundated by the RNC and my State Republican Party for donations to help elect conservatives to congress. My state hasn’t elected a conservative Senator in decades and very few to the House of Representatives. Republicans are losing elections because they’ve lost their conservative credentials. The other day Jeb Bush said the Republican Party needs to move away from Reagan conservatism, I disagree it needs to move back to Reagan conservatism. To often new phrases are use to define old meanings further confusing the voters. If there were a true balance between the two parties in both houses of congress then a president like Obama couldn’t run roughshod over the constitution the way he’s doing. Presidents are both accredited and blamed for the many directions a nation takes, when it’s congress and the people who are ultimately responsible. Presidents are neither Kings nor Dictators their authority isn’t absolute, the term separate but equal still applies to the three branches of government and to the people.

What the Republican Party needs is more testosterone and fewer hormones, they seem to have lost their manhood. I have my suspicions John McCain throw the race for president to Barack Obama because he was intimidated by Obama’s presumed popularity. Barack Obama has one of the most effective propaganda machines this country has ever seen. They’ve taken a person with limited education and no experiences in any field worthy of recognition and made him in to some sort of super hero. A decision this country is suffering from and will suffer for generations to come. If there was a congress worthy of the trust the American voters have placed in them the needs of the country would come first. The needs of the country don’t include bailing out automobile companies, unions and banks that have been mismanaged for years. Congress has lost its direction they no longer see the public as an inherent part of the function of government. Surprisingly one of the few states where the people are still able to participate in legislative decision making is California.

The public can’t do anything about Liberal Democrats they’re indoctrinated with an arrogance that prohibits them from considering anything but their own agendas. To liberals the constitution is some vague historical document that’s in a national museum somewhere encased in glass along with George Washington’s wooden teeth.

If this country is to get back to the land of “We the People” it’s going to take an effort by citizen’s participation such as the current “Tea Party Patriots Movement” to get things moving in the right direction. The American public neither wants nor will tolerate what’s being sold as a perfect nation, we’re an imperfect people and that’s the way we want to keep it, there isn’t as much to live up to that way. There’s a political structure out there that isn’t being used, it’s called the GOP or the RNC [if you like.] There‘s no reason this organization can’t be re-staffed reorganized and reactivated and put back to work in the name of “We the People”.

The Tea Party Patriots Movement is just getting started. In the next 18 months this is a movement that will spread out across the country consuming a third of the voters. In 1776 that was enough to win a revolution if actively pursued it will be enough to win a nation back from socialism and financial disaster. With the help of God and the Internet the Republic is safe.


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