The Left’s Empty Arsenal

By: Guest Authors

by David Bozeman

American political discourse is about as deep as a birdbath. Case in point: the new documentary Outrage, which is generating buzz for, according to Air America’s website, exposing the hypocrisy of politicians (primarily Republicans) with staunchly ‘antigay’ platforms who are secretly homosexual, a practice, controversial among gay activists, called outing. This cinematic opus, by filmmaker Kirby Dick (yes, Kirby Dick) played at New York’s prestigious Tribecca Film Festival and was profiled on CNN. Though largely concerning gay marriage, Outrage reportedly chides these same leaders for not supporting parental rights, employment protection, hate crimes protection, etc., thus the hypocrisy charge.

This is how the left has driven public discussion — quite successfully — for the past 40-plus years: convince the electorate that Republicans, particularly conservatives, are bad people, in this case hypocrites. The left owns the presidency, both houses of Congress, the media, academia and the culture, and this is the best they can come up with in terms of advancing an agenda. Maybe they’ll finally lay off Miss California.

In political warfare, there is a certain gotcha-giddiness in nailing your opponent’s hypocrisy — such as liberals, the champions of public education, sending their own kids to private schools — but I have never relied on charges of hypocrisy as intellectual ammunition. Because I have proven you a hypocrite doesn’t mean I have proven you wrong.

Outrage proceeds from the notion that all gay Americans must march in lockstep in support of a certain agenda, lest they be considered traitors or hypocrites. Just as not all black Americans support President Obama’s policies, not all gay Americans favor same-sex marriage (or even other gay agenda items). That does not signify hypocrisy. Senator Larry Craig, for instance, as Ann Coulter noted, was a hypocrite only if he had proposed marriage to the man in the next stall.

Still, as long as liberals set the agenda, slander remains the weapon of choice in the public arena. They have nothing else. Radical gay activists and their advocates on the left cite concern for their agenda in outing hypocrites on the right. In truth, for the past 60 years, the left has employed gay rumors to derail even those leaders with little or no say in social policy, such as anti-Communists Whitaker Chambers and Roy Cohn. J. Edgar Hoover was another. Currently, the governor of a populous southern state is the subject of intense speculation, as is a former RNC head and even the late father of a recent top presidential advisor.

One has to ask, to what purpose? Either I support your agenda or I don’t. My alleged sexual hypocrisy can only satisfy your salacious curiosity. Strangely, the very ones fighting to normalize homosexuality actually sharpen homophobia’s edge by using it as a weapon, but that is how the left operates, they seek to build themselves up by tearing conventional Americans down. The left does not want to compete with traditional America in the arena of ideas, but they enjoy a homefront advantage in the gutter, playing to the lesser aspects of human nature. A common lament is that the nastiness of American political life keeps good people out. One could argue that the right has employed its share of sleaze tactics, but the ones who wrote the playbook on personal destruction, the authors of the real outrage, inhabit the left.

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