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May 17, 2009

“Torture” is Living In the Age of Obama

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It’s as if the old poster-joke “the beatings will continue until morale improves” has been turned into policy. Hearing the semantic contortions of Obama administration spokespersons, seeing the endless parade of miscreants and incompetent thugs, knowing their intent to deceive, …

Barber Commends Leading “Gay” Activist for Admitting “Hate Crimes” Bill a Scam

Filed under: In The News - 17 May 2009

Lynchburg, VA – Matt Barber, Director of Cultural Affairs with both Liberty Counsel and Liberty Alliance Action has commended Andrew Sullivan – one of the foremost leaders in the homosexual activist movement worldwide – for publicly admitting that “hate crimes” …

Former Policewoman Pens New Hit Thriller

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She’s tough. She’s streetwise. She’s clever. She’s persistent. And she is a head-turning, good looking woman. Meet Detective Stacy Dittrich, author of the newly released crime thriller, Mary Jane’s Grave.

Funding America, Obama Style

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by Rebecca Giltner

First quarter financials are in, and big surprise- sales are down, foreclosures are way up, and Obama is still sitting with a big smile on his face, telling us that we should focus on war crimes, and graduation …

Obama Admits his Economic Programs Won’t Work

Supreme Leader Obama—who usually appears on television at least once/day—recently spoke at a high school to a group of his adherents in Rio Rancho, NM. Now that he and his minions have systematically gutted the US Treasury, Obama may have …

Political Turning Points #2

#1 was the political post-election tantrum thrown by Al Gore, operating in 4-yr-old mode, in Florida 2000.

#2 is the rapid deterioration in national morality enabled by Bill Clinton’s behavior during his presidency. Prior to Bill Clinton, people …