Funding America, Obama Style

By: Guest Authors

by Rebecca Giltner

First quarter financials are in, and big surprise- sales are down, foreclosures are way up, and Obama is still sitting with a big smile on his face, telling us that we should focus on war crimes, and graduation speech controversies. Sadly, most Americans seem content to do just that. Between Carrie Prejean’s answer to a Miss USA pageant question, and Pelosi’s ever changing denials of knowledge about water boarding, we are being blinded to the real issues.

These are important issues, don’t get me wrong. Miss Prejean was attacked for asserting an opinion based on moral values, and she is correct in saying this should not happen in America. Pelosi is continuing her dance to hold on to her position of power while destructing anyone who disagrees with her far left views. Yet floating above it all are our tax dollars being dumped into programs that -big surprise- are not working. The mortgage bailout has helped so much that one in 56 families in Las Vegas have lost their homes. The auto bailouts are crashing car companies, and soon those employees will join with the Las Vegas families in a search for a place to live. Now, let’s throw into the mix Obama’s health care plans. People are homeless. They have no place to live, shelters are reaching capacity, yet instead of concentrating on this issue, we are in process of spending more to give everyone healthcare. Let’s think about how well this has succeeded in, say, Canada. People are permanently disabled and dying from relatively minor injuries and illnesses because they are too flooded with patients, and have too few doctors to treat these entitled patients. Most towns and cities have community health centers already. They are there for people who can not afford health care. You go in, sign the forms, and wait, sometimes for hours, until you see a doctor. They accept everyone. They work. No, they do not treat emergency injuries, or cancer patients, but as for typical illnesses and routine doctor visits, they are effective. Why change what works?

We have spent months being told that Obama has great plans that will save our country, our economy, and our people. At some point America needs to wake up from their dream world and see reality. He is failing miserably. We elected a candidate with poor qualifications, poor judgment, and little fiscal experience. Every person who marked democratic on their ballot is responsible for this mess, and every person who thought they would be getting a free ride is in for a serious wake up call. You may get healthcare, but at what cost? Who will be the judge of how serious your illness is, and if your life is worth saving? How have the mortgage companies chosen who should receive help and lower interest rates? All through the campaign we have heard about equality, and since the election, we hear about racism- yet everyone is afraid to speak up, as Miss Prejean has done. It does not matter if Obama is black, green or purple- regardless of race, religion, or views on sexual preference, he has not succeeded in fixing one issue our country has been facing in an acceptable manor. This has nothing to do with equality- it has to do with lack of experience, charming speeches, and selling people on half formed ideas.

This is a time to focus on bare necessities, such as homes, and food for families that have nothing left. Everything else should be put on hold immediately, and when the housing situation has began to recede, each program should be thoroughly researched by competent, impartial groups to truly see its benefits and shortfalls before another dime of taxpayer money is thrown into programs that do not work.

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