New Republicans Are On The Move

By: Ken Hughes

This evening I received one of those blanket [one e-mail fits all] from Ron Weiser the Chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party. It was the first e-mail I’ve received that didn’t mention donations instead for the first time in a long time it stated something Republicans were going to do, a goal they wished to accomplish between now and November 2010 national elections. Finally it seems Michigan Republicans will have some direction rather than just being treated like piggy banks. I would like to think some of the e-mail exchanges Chairman Weiser and I’ve had in the past few weeks may have had some influence on his decision to let the rank and file State Republicans in on the parties new strategy, I suppose that would be presumptuous of me. Who gets credit isn’t as important as the fact Chairman Weiser finally chooses to make this an inclusive party with open debates for all.

Michigan has always been a blue state due primarily to its ethnic and immigrant diversity. The Automobile and related industries have always been a magnet for skilled and semiskilled labor. Until recently Unionism has been a driving force behind the states Democratic Party. As the demand for skilled labor diminishes so does the party politic loyalty. Oakland County just north of Detroit is becoming a stronghold for the Republican Party. Oakland County is one of the most patriotic areas in the country. More American Flags fly in front of businesses, homes on cars as bumper stickers than anywhere I’ve seen. The Michigan Republican Party needs to expand Oakland Counties enthusiasm throughout the state. More than anything the party needs fresh new ideas to bring it into the 21stcentury. Let’s pray Chairman Weiser can make that happen.

Since shortly after Ronald Reagan left the oval office the Republican Party has had little to offer. Rather than having something to offer the voters they’ve sat on the corner like the preverbal blind beggar shaking a tin cup begging for alms. I’ve been a Republican in a number of states since 1952. I must say the Republican Party is at its lowest point in its history. I’m not sure who flushed the Goldwater / Reagan conservative philosophy down the drain but whoever it was should be shot.

If Republicans had made a stronger showing in both houses of congress Barack Obama wouldn’t have been able to gain the power he seems to be acquiring. Conservatives through out the country have given up on the current group of Republican congressmen ever representing their interests. When we look at our Republican representatives in both the state and national legislature for the most part all we see are a bunch of “Me to Democratic surfs”.

If the Republican Party starts now and works diligently until November 2010 they can regain a respectable balance in both houses of congress. When a single party controls the presidency and both houses of congress then all the people are not being adequately represented. Congress is like an eagle both its right and left wings must bring a balance to the body for the bird to fly.

The Republican Congress i.e. [Party] began it’s decent into oblivion in 1996 when Clinton was elected for his second term. At that point Bill Clinton was one of the most investigated politicians in history. Congressional Republicans must have felt, Democrats can act this way and get away with this sort of thing maybe they should mimic and not oppose them. Getting to Washington is all about a need to contribute, staying there is all about fitting in with the power structure. Getting into the power structure is all about longevity in congress, none of this has anything to do with the country its people or congresses sworn duties.

Both houses of congress and both political parties need a wake up call and there would be no better time than the 2010 mid term elections. Republicans have no influence over the opposition nor should they, let Democrats do their thing. If local and state Republican Parties will give the voters more reason than just being piggy banks, if they fill that [big tent] with things the people believe in and follow up the contribution will follow.

One of the first political parties in America was the Democratic-Republican Party. The people got rid of the first one they don’t want a second. The Republican Party across America only has 18 months to convince voters they are more than hand maidens for Democrats. Every day I hear dissatisfied voters say there’s no longer a difference between political parties. As a Goldwater / Reagan conservative that saddens me. I know if a few good conservative men and women step up to the plate with a message that contradicts the lies continually told by Liberals the Republican Party can attract more than just registered Republicans. Being a conservative doesn’t necessarily mean being a Republican, it only means being conservative. With an honest message directed at “We the People” a constitutional America can and will flourish again.

Not only do the leaders of the Republican Party have an obligation the rank and file must also get involved. That’s as easy as dancing fingers, log onto www.[State] Republican and let your grievances as well as your aspiration be known. Set some goals for your state leaders, if enough voters contact them they’ll get the message and act accordingly.

President Obama and Congressional Democrats are very close to having to take responsibility for the condition the country finds its self in. There’s only so much Bush to blame and that’s reached its limits and more. The Obama administration and the 111rh Congress has been a comedy of errors except most of the errors haven’t been all that funny, most have been outright ridiculous. We’ve [the voters not me] elected a president who has the ability to stand on both sides of an issue and make his followers believe it acting responsible. Nancy Pelosi is caught in a lie then calls those who caught her lyres. Just a warning to Ms. Pelosi you don’t have the muscle it takes to go up against the CIA and survive politically. If you’re going to pick a fight don’t take on an 800 pound Gorilla.

In the next 18 months if Republicans come together we can rewrite the book, “The misadventures of Barack Obama”. If we work at it we can bring back the America we love and were once able to respect.


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