How Can The GOP Deal With Nasty Lies

By: Ken Hughes

The Democratic Party seems to prefer to deal in the nasty side of politics rather than facts. Lying seems to be at the roots of nearly every one of their positions. Democrats can lie with impunity they have the mainstream media on their side backing them up. It seems when President Obama defaults on a campaign promise he isn’t lying he’s simply changing policies. The media would have never allowed George Bush to get away with something like that. Even today when George Bush is at home doing his own thing keeping his opinions to himself Democrats can’t leave him alone. There’s still a daily diatribe of “George did it” coming out of the White House. Barack Obama has the most finely tuned propaganda department ever seen anywhere in history, Obama’s propaganda people make Joseph Gerbils the late Nazi voice look like a rank armature.

We still don’t know who’s behind the curtains feeding Obamas teleprompter. However there seems to be a problem keeping Obama on message, he’s turning out to be a hawk on war and a pussycat on domestic issues. Just when Democrats thought they had an issue with the torture thing that would divert public attention away from a failing economy Obama switches and leaves his most ardent supporter Nancy Pelosi hanging by her tongue swinging in the winds of CIA truth. Its becoming obvious being an Obama enemy is much safer than being his friend.

If we are to give Obama the benefit of the doubt it may be that he’s discovering being president is more difficult than running for president. What previously looked like the wrong thing turns out to be the only thing to do? Given the liberal brain is made from solid concrete he isn’t convincing his supporters his changes are necessary, liberals are more interested in image than principle. CIA director Leon Panetta who seems to have at least one strand of moral fiber in Washington’s sea of liberal jellyfish is backing his colleagues in the CIA from the vile accusations of Nancy Pelosi and some of her liberal co conspirators. Obama allowed some limited confidential information released but not the whole story giving the impression Bush and company had somehow broke the law, when it’s obvious this isn’t true. Now Obama is standing back in the shadows hiding from his curability leaving Pelosi to take the heat.

There’s a way for the GOP to deal with this barrage of liberal disinformation. As the print and electronic mainstream media lose ground and their audiences it isn’t people are less inclined to get information, it means they’re going to other sources for their information Talk Radio, Cable News and the Internet are flushing. The public is demanding more balanced more reliable sources of information. That’s where the GOP needs to concentrate its efforts and stop worrying how the mainstream media treats them. The mainstream media and Liberal democrats are to self indulged to realize what’s killing them. A number of newspapers across the country once considered beckons of enlightenment have locked their doors and gone on the Internet. Mainstream media persons are living in the past, their coming to the 21st century kicking and screaming, liberal democrats so far refuse to follow.

Politicians no matter how arrogant and self confident they are can’t change America, The American people make changes when they deem them necessary. Barack Obama misjudged his winning the presidency to his popularity when it was more for the disgust for what congress had been doing. The current crop of GOP congress persons have brought the party to its lowest point in its history. For the past several national elections the voters have been sending a message to Republican candidates, get it together or get out of town, they haven’t been listening.

The entire Democratic Party platform consists of “George did it”. The public had eight years of George did it, their looking for who’s supposed to be doing it now and it sure as hell isn’t George. It’s impossible to have a conversation with a liberal without them injecting George Bush some where in their first six word of response, invariably it includes Bush. Ask these liberals if they’re a party for the future or a party of the past, explain there is no George Bush, George Bush is gone. Democrats have their own burdens to deal with, Jimmy Carter, Al Gore and even Bill Clinton who actually favored Republicans more than his own party.

The time is coming in 2010 to send a message to congress, shape up and represent the people of get the hell out, this goes for both parties and both houses of congress. The time has come for the lying and blaming others to stop, it’s time to accept responsibility and act in the best interests of the people. Party politics should end at the congress persons office door. The constitution authorizes two houses of congress and three separate but equal branches of government nowhere does the constitution sanction nor deny political parties.

The Constitution has been the glue holding the republic together for nearly two hundred yeas, when change seemed appropriate an amendment would be sent through the appropriate channels and ether approved or not as the public saw fit. The last amendment to the constitution [No.27] was ratified May 7, 1992. Not surprising it place one more limitation on congress. Most American citizens don’t realize the first seven articles [the only articles] in the constitution were written to protect the people from excesses of their future government. The twenty seven amendments that followed placed no adverse restrictions on the citizens of this country however they continue to limit government excesses.

The current 111th congress and the Obama administration have violated constitutional law, corporate law, civil law and mans decency to his fellow men. There’s no president in the law allowing the government to indebt [except in times of national emergencies] figure generations simply to make the political point, “We won it’s all ours now.” This should send a message to those Republicans out in the hinterlands, if you expect to keep your land get rid of the country of the current congress.

The time for crying Wolf has past, now its time to stand up and scream for survival. If for the next 18 months the Republican Party stays the hell out of Washington politics and concentrates on the good loyal American people across this country the conservative America we knew and loved can come back.

To paraphrase Michelle Obama, this is the first time in my life I CAN’T be proud of my country.


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