Who Needs A Palestinian State?

By: Craig Chamberlain

It’s the constant mantra out of the Middle East. We need a Palestinian state. Israel must pull back to the 1967 borders. Israel must take in the millions of Palestinian “refugees” and carve Jerusalem in two and give half of it to the Palestinian people. That’s the constant refrain the Arab regimes give us and it’s what all U.S. Presidents believe. No matter how friendly they are to the state of Israel they keep believing that a Palestinian state should be created and once created peace will flourish throughout the region. I think it’s time to have a barbeque of those sacred cows.

First of all we should ask what have the Palestinians done to deserve a state of their own? Apologists for the Palestinian cause, and believers of the Arab’s big lie might not like to admit it, but it’s a fact: the Palestinians could have had their own state in 1948. The U.N. offered to partition the area between the Palestinians and the Israelis, with the Palestinians getting most of the land. The Palestinians rejected this offer out of hand, and with the help of surrounding Arab nations, immediately declared war on Israel.

Second, we should question the Arab worlds concern for the Palestinians. Kings and Presidents for life go on and on about the injustices they have endured, and how nothing can go forward until the Palestinian issue is resolved once and for all. In fact, to show that they are for peace, they have introduced their own peace plan. If Israel pulls back to the 1967 borders, accepts anyone who claims to be a Palestinian refugee, and gives half of Jerusalem to the Palestinians then the Arab world will recognize the right of Israel to exist and will stop calling for a second holocaust.

Ok, first of all what have the Arab leaders done to help the Palestinian populations in their countries? They keep them in squalid refugee camps, when they could be easily integrated into their countries. Instead they want to keep them miserable so they can keep them angry, and use their misery as propaganda to keep their own people angry as well. Much easier to blame all of their problems on Israel than it is to actually change things. When Egypt ruled Gaza, and Jordan ruled the West Bank, did the governments in Cairo and Amman do anything to help the people there? They were treated like backwaters, ignored, abused, and still being exploited for propaganda purposes. The Arab world has never cared about the Palestinians. If they did they would do something to help them other than keep them caged up and exploit them for their own political advantage.

What about the promise of peace and recognition? Can that be trusted? History would say “no.” There is a long, and proud, history of Jew hatred among the Arab people. From the pogroms in the middle ages, their enthusiastic support for the Nazi’s in World War Two, their expulsion of the Jewish population in 1948, and their calls for genocide and to wipe Israel off the face of the earth today, the Arab people have never had any love or tolerance for the Jews. So how can the offer of peace and recognition be trusted when the Arab people have spent 1400 years hating, persecuting, and blaming Jews?

Then we need to look at the Palestinian people themselves. Do they want a seperate state? Every time the Israelis have made a concession, the Arabs have attacked them for it. When, in the year 2000, Israel left southern Lebanon Hezbollah used it as a propaganda coup and immediately started launching rockets into northern Israel. No real desire for peace there. When the Israelis left the Gaza strip did the Palestinans take the opportunity to rebuild the area, focus on creating prosperity and freedom for their people? No, they instantly started fighting among themselves for control over the area, and when Hamas emerged victorious started attacking southern Israel.

When Ehud Barack offered Yasser Arafat all of the Gaza Strip, 97% of the West Bank, and a capital city in East Jerusalem, Arafat spit in his face, and launched an uprising that killed thousands of Palestinians. These are not the actions of a people that want to live in peace. Palestinian maps don’t have Israel on them, the stated goal of both Hamas and the Palestinian authority is to drive all the Jews out of the area and wipe the nation of Israel out. If the Palestinians were only after their own state they could have had one 60 years ago. Instead they’ve spent all that time fighting, and letting their people suffer all for their Jihad. It doesn’t sound like they care about a state at all, or deserve one.

If Israel were to return to their 1967 borders the Arabs would use that as an opportunity to launch another war against Israel. After all the Quran gives them a right to lie to unbelievers. Israel would be giving up strategic territory necessary for its survival, and would be getting nothing in return except the assurances of people who’ve never been all that good at telling the truth.

The Arabs governments, as well as the Palestinian authority, have spent decades exploiting the Palestinian people. They deliberately keep them poor, unrepresented in government, angry, and desperate. Yet somehow its all Israel’s fault.

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