Slow Down GOP, Time Will Bring a Leader

By: Neil Braithwaite

It seems everyone is concerned these days about who the next conservative leader will be for the disjointed Republican Party.

I can tell you that the next Republican leader should not be on a so-called “listening” tour with a bunch of politicians flapping their gums a mile a minute spreading a muddled political message while minimizing the accomplishments of a timeless conservative leader who saved not only the GOP, but our country as well.

America doesn’t really care, nor are they in the mood, for back seat driving, wannabe Republican leaders parading around the country blathering sour grapes until the next election. Especially the same ticket that just lost a national election along with a couple of out of work politicians behaving like teenagers begging Simon Cowell for one more chance to make the cut for American Idol.

Slow down Republicans, time is on your side! America has an elected leader for the next four years and is willing to give him a chance. The last thing the GOP needs is someone running around constantly telling everyone how bad Obama is, how he’s taking the country in the wrong direction, and how he or she knows better. It doesn’t sit well with the public. Leave that job to talk radio, conservative bloggers and FOX News political shows.

What the Republicans do need right now is better exposure for current leaders who are on the job and actually putting conservative principles to work. State leaders like Mark Sanford, Bobby Jindal, Tim Pawlenty, Haley Barbour, Rick Perry, and other conservative Republican governors who are focused on solutions and not blame. Be good cheerleaders, and make their positive results known as you wave the GOP flag. And remember, actions still speak louder than words, regardless of what the liberal media thinks.

What Americans will pay attention to are those states with governors who are making headway out of this recession by implementing conservative policies in spite of what Obama and the federal government is doing. Then, and only then, will true conservative Republican leaders emerge and be recognized nationally for their work and not just their words.

Conservatives, it is vitally important to allow President Obama and all his liberal cohorts in congress to have full exposure of their policies with limited distractions for the public. Do what can be done politically to block or slow down his policies, and don’t overplay your hand when negative economic results start to manifest. For the most part, let Americans see the whole process play out, and as soon as they see and feel the results of an Obama Presidency and Democrat controlled congress, any positive results of conservative policies will be greatly illuminated.

Yes, this will be very painful and probably set our country back for quite a while. But remember, change takes time, and sometimes people just have to learn the hard way. But at least they can learn. Remember the sobering Carter years and what they did to our country? Now, close your eyes and picture the Gipper in all his conservative glory and where he led our great country. Make this your “happy place” and have faith that everything will work out.

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