The Neophytes Have Taking Over

By: Ken Hughes

The new Democratic obsession seems to be who’s going to be in charge across the isle at the GOP. To date they’ve suggested a verity of notable Republicans. There first try was Rush Limbaugh, when they couldn’t goat El Rushbo into a negative response they took out after former Vice President Dick Chaney. To Joe the Plumber this may sound like serious stuff, it isn’t. This Obama mania is all a ruse to keep the public from discovering how inept at playing president Obama really is. Barack Obama is the quintessential scam artist when it comes to manipulating public opinion. Obama is one smooth talker with an ability to convince mice snakes are their very best friends. The question the public should be asking is how a man with literally no experiences at anything becomes an expert sharp enough in everything to qualify to lead the most powerful nation on earth. That’s a leap few men would have the audacity to take.

There’s a logical answer to Obama’s popularity, its pure fiction. He has a propaganda machine backing him up that surpasses anything we’ve ever seen in the past. It is difficult to put names to these shadows in Obama’s background. If I had to guess I would say James Carville and Paul Begalla are two of the masterminds shoring up the Obama’s persona making him seem larger than life.

Carville and his partner Begalla have never let truth and facts stand in the way of opportunity. Character assignation is part of their game of politics, their first real success prior to the making of Obama was their masterfully guiding Bill Clinton trough his impeachment and further legal problems and selling the public on a belief it was all part of a vast right wing conspiracy.

When times were good as they were during the eight years of the Bush presidency a lie here a few well planted half truths there didn’t seem to make much difference to the public, they saw it as politics as usual. Now that the real belt tightening is here the public’s going to be looking closer to home for answers than at a former president [George Bush]. Obama has been the Captain of the Ship of State for four months and the economy is still stuck on that sand bar on the left side of the river he rammed on his first days in office now he can’t get it off.

Since the great depression of the 1930’s Democrats have believed the solution to every problem is taxing. Tax money acts like a flotation device; if a problem is covered with tax money it will lift up and float away into the sunset. Some burdens are too heavy for taxes to lift up and float away. I sincerely believe the current economic problem has been caused by the public’s lack of faith in a prefabricated puppet of a president. On close examination Obama seems to have more robotic features than human qualities.

By the year 2012 Obama will have proven that people not modern technologies make a nation. Obama and his supporters won’t have answers when for government takes over everything fails then what? Will Obama and his faithful followers cut and run as Liberals have always done?

Democrats are very concerned the Republican Party doesn’t have a designated leader at the moment it actually bothers them more than it does us. I’ve explained to my liberal friends conservatism is like mans blood it flows independent of the mechanics of leadership. Republicans unlike Democrats are free thinking men and women who are capable of independent action, we can survive day a week or an indefinite period without the hammer of leadership coming down on us dictating what we’re to believe and how we’re to act. The Republican Party is a big tent where everyone is welcome should they choose to enter, no one is forced. The Democratic Party on the other hand is like a large livestock corral where people are herded in and the gates are closed locked and then the Kool Aid begins to flow.

The old days of cigar chomping investigative reporting is gone, today reporters get their stories via the internet from the publicity agents representing those with a story they think needs told, most are never verified. No one east of Hollywood is more adapting at manipulating the media than Barack Obamas handlers. Many of the presidents staged photos are more amusing than informative. I find it hard to believe the Obama family would be out for an evening stroll around the Whitehouse grounds with him in a suit and tie, her in a designer dress and high heels and the two daughters in their Sunday best on a Friday evening and being followed by photographers. Nor do I see any news value in Obamas youngest daughter standing on the Whitehouse balcony waving to her daddy whose about to fly off on his government owned and paid for private helicopter. There’s entirely too much media coverage about Obamas personal antics that isn’t news.

Two incidents that cost the tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars was the flyover New York by the president plane. This was meant as a publicity stunt. Anyone who thinks someone can take the presidents plane without the approval of Barack Obama or at least Rahm Emanuel is living on a different planet than I am. Then there were those hundred thousand dollar hamburgers Obama and Biden enjoyed on their private lunch outing that was seen around the world by millions. Cleverly staged events aren’t going to cover Obamas inadequate behavior forever. As the unemployment figures raise more and more people are beginning to ask questions that demand more than glib answers. Blaming George Bush has run its course. Accepting personal responsibility is what the people are asking Obama to do now. I think in the modern day vernacular it’s called……. “Manning Up”.

The Republican Party is at a cross roads, they can do what they’ve been doing for the past 12 years holding on by their fingernails or they can man up and accept they’ve been on a down hill slide and turn the party around. State Parties can do this by refusing to fund any candidate who runs as a moderate, the party must turn back to a conservative mode or this country will go broke.

Five years ago I wrote an article predicting in the next ten years China would surpass America as the world’s number one influential trading partner, they’ve made it in five. I was in the Orient at the time the barriers came down. There were no celebrations everyone smiled and worked a little harder, they foresaw what was coming and knew how to make it work for them.

Not only is the Republican Party in trouble America is as well, we’re being sold to the lowest bidder [aka] a liberal government managed by neophytes. Wake up America its yours to loose.


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