There Is A Senate And They’ve Voted

By: Ken Hughes

The Senate just handed Obama his first rebuff by voting no on funding for the closing of the Guantanamo prison for terrorists. There’s a fear in congress President Obama is far too ambivalent in his attitude toward the potential danger these detainees pose should they be brought to America. Ninety-two Senators voted “Not in My Backyard,” Obama says he’ll find another way to close Guantanamo. What is it about the advice and consent of congress Obama doesn’t understand? We elect all of those congress persons so we won’t have a dictator heading up the government. The founding fathers were very clear in the limits placed on presidents and what rules they must adhere to. This president seems to have never heard of the founding fathers.

The stupidity of closing the Guantanamo prison and trying the detainees in a civilian court with the lack of credible evidence, something that’s essential in civilian court. The poor soldiers the terrorists blew up aren’t around to testify, that’s the down side the up side is if the Guantanamo prison is closed we won’t have to worry about anymore prisoners to keep, there won’t be any. The volunteer soldiers fighting the war on terror have their own ways of improvising when faced with irresponsible political restrictions. Every soldier in the field knows they have as a commander in chief a recruit private without the benefit of basic military training. Every soldier knows in the end all of Obama’s political apple polishing he still needs those men and women out their protecting this country from his friends the terrorists.

Obama seems to believe if he treats terrorists the same as the police and the courts treat the hood rat and drug dealers in his own Chicago neighborhoods that will surfice. The courts believe drug dealers have rights, that shouldn’t apply to prisoners of war it never has in the past not by any country and not even by the Geneva Convention rules. Al Qaeda and Taliban prisoners captured on the battlefield don’t qualify under the rules of Geneva Convention. They don’t qualify being tried in an American court. They do fit the Geneva Conventions description of spies and may be executed without a trail. In previous wars where the civilian leaders acted like men and not mice this wouldn’t even rate a discussion.

It’s been a while since the voters elected a president who treated the public like the enemy and the enemy as the underprivileged oppressed. The last one I can recall was Jimmy Carter and he didn’t last long let’s hope history repeats itself. Democrats have a strategy every time they screw up they blame it on Republicans.

Stupidly Republicans spend time and energy defending what doesn’t need to be defended. I have long been an advocate of secretly sending a few good Republican Interns to the Democratic school of disinformation and dysfunctional people so we Republicans can learn the art of messing with the opposition’s minds.

In his latest speech President Obama blamed former president Bush for all he perceives has gone wrong in the war on terror. As I recall there was a war on terror before Bush and their will be one long after Obama’s been booted out of office. Let’s look at what’s gone right there hasn’t been an attack on American soil since 9/11 2001. The American portion of the war on terror has been contained for the most part. If Bush is still responsible for the actions of the terrorists then Bush must be credited for preventing this weeks failed attacks in New York.

No American President can be blamed or credited for what goes on around the rest of the world. President Bush and a few good men and women willing to volunteer and stand tall protecting this country keeping it safe for the past seven years while the Obama’s of this country diminish their sacrifices for the sake of politics, that boarders on my definition of treason.

Sometimes America should question who its real enemies are.

Barack Obama is a product of the new welfare mentality. He was the product of the original single parent home. Instead of a father he’s a product of one of those “My baby daddy” affairs raised by his grandparents. Without sounding racist Barack Obama has the Ghetto mentality of “Poor Black Me”. It’s a though he wants to punish all white people for what he perceives as being racist. I would like to point out to Obama blacks live better in America than anywhere in the world. It isn’t necessary to go to Africa to see blacks living in poverty any one interested can go 50 miles off the coast of Florida and follow the chain of islands from the Bahamas down to Trinidad / Tobago and see poverty in its most extreme form. We haven’t heard Obama address these issues yet.

There’s no question Barack Obama is a fraud, whether he knows it or not is a question only he can answer. Obama was elected for his charisma, a charisma that was fabricated by one of the most effective propaganda machines known to man. He came from nowhere with no experiences and no talents and almost intentionally has been elevated to Messiah status, or as many prefer “Golden Idle Status”. As for me I’m not into worshiping false Gods.

In his first four months Obama has walked all over his campaign promises and the constitution, He’s totally ignored contract law, as a lawyer one would think that would be an ethical concern to him, maybe he has no ethics. Its obvious Obama has neither ethics nor a concern for those he’s disrupting their lives. Both Congress and the President should have known there would be no instant solution to what has traditionally been an economic down turn when a new president takes over. This had less to do with tradition than an opportunity for the president and congress to do the greatest power grab in history.

The voters have rejected socialism as the government’s policy for years. This ruse of a serious economic downturn was an opportunity to inviting to pass up. In liberal eyes it was a plan crafted for them in heaven, except heaven doesn’t play these deceptive games. This isn’t the first time the American way of life has been on the line, this to will pass and once again we will be the home of the free etc.

We have until 2010 when we can replace enough in congress to change the mood of the country. Spread the word there’s a new day coming.


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