Obama Is Lying Or He’s Naïve, You Decide

By: Ken Hughes

Let’s start with what a president is supposed to be. More than a leader a president should be a good follower. They should follow the laws of this country and the constitution. Neither is flexible at the discretion of any one or group of individuals, and they should follow the will of the people. A president is only a person who’s elected by the people to represent them in their government. There shouldn’t be anything exalted or special about those we send to Washington to do our bidding. The nations geniuses aren’t found in government, their in the laborious and back rooms of America creating do dads and gizmos that make our lives better and make this country the greatest, second to none.

When Obama says he wants to make America more like the rest of the world, what world is he talking about? The population of this planet is as diverse as the citizenry of America. One size, economically, ideology, religiously or any other way doesn’t fit all nor should it. God [or Darwin if you like] intended man to be individuals with the freedom to think and make decisions for them selves its called a brain, the rest of the animal world relies on instinct. Does Obama intend every American citizen be cared for by the government as they are in European countries, does he intend each of us be as poor as those merging African countries? Are our individual freedoms to be made equal too those of North Korea, Iran, Cuba and Venezuela? Not in my America!

Up to this point there’s a great deal of rhetoric and few explanations coming from Obama and his cabal. He seems to be leaving congress out of his loop as well as we the people. A president is only one person, the founding fathers thought they were making sure “We the People” would always be in charge. The people are falling down on our shared portion of responsibility seeing the republic is as it was intended to be a nation, “By the people, for the people and of the people”. How can we expect elected politicians to act in good faith if we don’t hold them accountable?

The American people share a responsibility in the worlds first and only true experiment in a people’s government. If we fail in our responsibilities, who can we blame but our selves?

In 78 years I’ve been on five contents in two dozen countries and I have yet to see a country as blessed as America. Not even our neighbor to the north, Canada has the freedoms we enjoy in the United States. There are those who point out countries who have free this or that, nothing is free there always a price to pay and usually it’s our individuals freedoms. Governments can only give what they take, nothing more. Any physiologist worth his / her PhD will tell you the have not’s have not because they are motivated not. Every person in America has an equal opportunity to achieve something if they want to. We see this everyday when we see men and women in wheelchairs going to work, blind and deaf persons performing extraordinarily achievements. I have a friend whose daughter is blind and deaf she attended public school kindergarten through 12 grade graduating with honors, earning a scholarship in music. This young lady must have heard of Helen Keller somewhere along the line to be so motivated. Not one concession aside from brail books was afforded her by the schools. Pointed in the right direction she can kick a soccer goal better that anyone on the field, [No she isn’t on a team.]

Poverty is more lack of motivation than lack of opportunity both are self made conditions. Where Obama got his distorted view of what America should be isn’t much of a mystery. Obama is the product of an irresponsible college girl and an alcoholic opportunist father he’s one of the original “Baby Daddy” children raised by his [according to him] racist grandparents and only infrequently visited by his mother and never by his father. All of this qualifies us to cut him some slack but not enough he should be allowed to bankrupt the country. Obama’s understanding of economics is taxes in welfare out, production, profit and responsibility are not part of his understanding of the principles of business nor does it seem he can be taught. How 535 congress persons can be complicit in squandering trillions of dollars and not have any sympathy for the generations to come who’ll be paying for this is beyond any reasonable understanding.

There’s a false persona built up around Obama that he’s intelligent, he isn’t. That he’s a great communicator, he isn’t. That he’s some kind of modern economist, he isn’t and that he understands where America should be headed is silly he sure as hell doesn’t get. I’ve lived through a number of presidents, 14 to be exact. Obama is the first to find blame in everyone and everything while trying to convince the public he’s the great liberator. If I’m not mistaken that’s the same rhetoric used by every dictator in history. Conquer through compassion, how many times have we heard that before?

It’s nearly impossible to determine what Obama’s political and economic philosophy is if he has any. None of the standard [isms] fit not even the known socialisms. Welfare ism comes to mind but that requires the backup of commerce to survive and we know Obama is against anything that even smells of profit. This is just a guess but my guess is Obama doesn’t have a plan he’s making it up minuet by minute. Our President Obama is turning out to be about as smart as a box of rocks. He’s a robot being manipulated by a band of morons. Why else would the media be turning on him the way they are. The media always wants to be on the side of the winners not the losers and they’re beginning to see a looser in Obama.

We have 18 months to restructure congress back to what it was intended to be a body representing the public. Let’s get rid of as many incumbent congress persons as possible and start new. President Obama can go in 2012,

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