Faith-Based Politics

By: Brooks A. Mick

Conservatives generally base their politics and other secular decisions on facts and logic. Whether they gather all the facts and apply rigorous logic and to what extent is the subject of another discussion, but I submit that in the main they make an attempt. They don’t accept the continually fudged computer models regarding climate change, but prefer to look for what facts are available and think about whether the theories proposed fit the facts. Regarding tax hikes, they look for evidence that raising taxes has actually brought in more revenue. The current data shows that the states that have raised taxes highest are also the states with the biggest budget deficits, which would indicate to the logical that hiking taxes may be part of the problem, not part of the solution. Other examples are possible, but you get the idea.

Regarding religion, however, conservatives go faith-based. Even those who admit that there is no logical proof of the existence of God nonetheless profess a strong and often unshakable faith that there is.

The dichotomy with liberals could not be more clear. Liberals are more likely to profess atheism or agnosticism, avoiding faith-based religion, frequently disparaging it as illogical and irrational.

And yet they fervently adopt faith-based politics! They accept without question the dogma of the Church of the Progressive Politician when there is no proof available. Indeed, they accept it even when voluminous proof of the falsity of liberal political principles, even when there is incontrovertible proof of the harm done by the application of liberal policies.

Truth is, to a liberal, what they believe. It’s a faith-based politics. If they believe that our soldiers recklessly torture and murder innocent civilians, that’s the truth even though the investigations into such claims almost always show that the soldiers were innocent. If they believe that the police are jackbooted thugs who terrorize minorities in the neighborhoods, then that’s the truth even if such transgressions are rare. If they believe that jackbooted thugs from ACORN or the Black Panthers are merely civil rights workers who are promoting fair elections, then that’s the truth despite the videos showing them blocking the door of polling centers and terrorizing prospective voters with menacing looks, vocal threats, and the brandishing of clubs. If they believe that Dick Cheney is a war criminal, then that’s the truth despite no evidence that he was doing anything other than what he considered right and proper to protect America. If they believe that humans are harming the climate through the use of fossil fuels, then that’s the truth despite no convincing evidence that it’s happening.

Michael Savage has said that being an extreme liberal is a mental disorder. I think it may be that being a liberal is simply a faith-based political system.

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