Another Nutty Professor

By: Leigh Patrick Sullivan

As we sink deeper into Chains We Can Believe In, it is rather surprising to still be hearing of an old and stale fad that must certainly be past its prime: the anti-Bush protest.

Perhaps our American friends have moved on, redirecting their angry focus from the Bush-era’s Iraq and New Orleans to the Obama era’s freefalling economy, rush to socialism, and renovation of American foreign policy from concrete to milquetoast.

Given the events this week in Toronto, it seems that Canadians haven’t moved on as quickly.

At an event at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre Dubya was joined by fellow former president Bill Clinton, for a discussion on domestic and global issues facing Canada and the United States. Buzz worthy enough, given the rarity of having the two men together for such an evening.

Outside, a reported number anywhere between 100 and 200 gathered to protest both men, but Bush was the obvious target by the majority of the unwashed. While the gathering consisted of the usual: union folk, habitual protesters, college kids, unemployed with nothing better to do, one attendee – I’m ashamed to admit – happened to come from my own province of Alberta.

What’s more, he is a professor of globalization studies at the University of Lethbridge. I remember the good old days when university Profs spent their time drinking latte’s, working on their book (‘my unfinished masterpiece’), and chasing co-eds who put out.

As a testament to higher education and a validation to all of you parents shelling out thousands of dollars in tuition and other university fees, I present Dr. Anthony Hall in his own words, as reported in the Toronto Star (remember, this is who we are entrusting the future of our children):

“Bush is the most notoriously accused war criminal on the planet. He should not be in this country. We have not seen this level of rampant criminality at the highest level. It makes Al Capone’s Chicago look like child’s play.”

Unbelievably, he added that by refusing to arrest Bush the Toronto police and the entire Canadian government was “…spitting on the rule of law.”

Given the vitriol, one wonders if Dr. Hall doubles as professor of Melodramatics. His lack of knowledge regarding domestic and international law suggests the U of L doesn’t offer any related courses, to be sure.

Let’s be fair on this. Alleged educator Dr. Hall is a free citizen who has a right to voice his opinion and to protest whatever and whenever he likes. I value his right as much as I value my own.

But this goes into a different territory. After learning of Dr. Hall and reading the Star article, I decided to write to the president of the U of L and inform him that when the time came for my kids to choose a post-secondary place of study, his institution would not be considered as an option.

Just as I respect Dr. Hall’s right to protest and to have idiotic, incorrect opinions, I reserve the right to protect my kids the best I can, and to save them from being exposed to such biased and radical instruction.

Imagine being a conservative in the Good Doctor’s class and being expected to write a political thesis. Given his extracurricular activities and his far-left views, how confident would you be in receiving a fair and honest assessment?

To his credit, University of Lethbridge president William Cade responded extremely quickly to my email. While he did the expected and defended his faculty member with the “he is entitled to his own views under the widely accepted concept of academic freedom” refrain, an invitation was extended for me and my daughters to visit the campus. Spin to be sure, but the effort was made.

Meanwhile, Anthony Hall will continue ‘teaching’ our kids. I can only assume he is objective enough not to try to influence his students with his own opinions.

And given his willingness to protest those he considers to be responsible for war crimes and other global atrocities, I trust I will see him at the next anti-terrorism rally, yes?

I’ll bring the latte.

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