Are You Better Off Now Than You Were Six Months Ago

By: Ken Hughes

If the country isn’t better off today than six months ago I’m worried about the next six months. Obama’s statement “If you like what you see so far you haven’t seen anything yet”, scares the hell out of me. And by the way he plagiarized that phrase from Michigan’s Governor Granholm the countries most failed governor. What I see so far is the country’s business community in shambles. Not just the automobile industry but for every auto production worker who loses his / her job there are ten or more support workers who lose theirs. Chrysler and GM only assemble cars, the parts are made by hundreds of small subcontracting shops around the world. The auto industries problems go far beyond a few union works losing some of the benefits and wages they’ve extorted over the years. They go from the coffee shops on the corner to the dealerships that are being cut off and hundreds in between. These subcontracting shops owners and workers are the people Obama’s redistribution program of America’s wealth is leaving in the dust. Small independent businesses are the backbone of industrial America not Chrysler and GM.

Obama-nomics is failing and no amount of propaganda and media hype will change that. The supposed 90 % of economists who say the country is coming out of the rescission is pure hype. That statement comes right out of “And Other Fairytales By Barack Obama”. There are no facts backing that claim up nor will there ever be any. Truth be told there are no facts backing up anything Obama says or does, he seems to make it up as he goes along. That may have worked in the Chicago Hood when he was an organizer but now he’s in the big time where facts rule supreme over hyperbole, Obama has to face the fact he’s no longer playing community organizer in the ghettos of Chicago. The entire GNP is not available to those he thinks are most deserving but instead are just acting greedy.

In defining his job as president Obama has a propensity for using the “I” word rather than “We” which would include congress and the American people. In Obama’s world there are no decision makers, just one decision maker and that isn’t the way it’s supposed to be, “We the People” should still have meaning and some influence in they way our government operates. After all it’s our country not his.

Statistical data on job losses and small business failures are all over the place. Obama claims to have created 150 k jobs since passing the stimulus or what ever they’re calling the bailout these days. Others claim losses of 600 K jobs a month, a figure that doesn’t sound unrealistic. This morning I passed one of those road projects the bailout financed and I counted seven undocumented Hispanic workers laboring on the job, [ How do I know, after 60 years working both sides of the boarder I know. ] I seriously doubt this is an isolated case. I doubt the labor dynamics have changed that much in this short period of time.

What bothers me most and what I feel has created much of this economic meltdown is Obama’s rush to get the things done he believes are critical, without the benefit of second opinions. I was taught presidents are leaders and compromisers, congress are the deciders. So far Obama’s decisions haven’t born the fruits he promised.

Charming pretty boys with paid managing manipulators programming their teleprompters, dressing them and powering their noses, etc seldom last long enough to do much damage. These creations march forward blindly with one foot just above the abyss until a higher power gives them a push. If you doubt my words count the political causalities in just the past half century and many of them weren’t even pretty.

Can we blame either former President Bush or President Obama for the current economic situation the answer is no not completely? We can blame both of them along with congress for not paying attention to the signs pointing in the direction of the coming downturn in the nation’s economic structure. The public can blame themselves for not acting with restraint. For half a century the Washingtonians, Presidents, Congress and the Bureaucrats have been on spend now pay later spree, it was destined to work its way into the general population. The public went of a binge buying houses they couldn’t afford, cars they couldn’t pay for and credit card purchases they didn’t need, it was the best of times until it came time to pay up. Many just walked away from their obligations leaving the lenders holding the toxic assets. That’s when the Liberals moved in with their welfare and tax policy

Obama came riding in to town on his White Camel with a government check book in hand ready to save America from America. If the public were going to be required to pay its own way out of this mess with taxes it should have been individual who pay their own way and not collectively through taxes. Certainly not to the extent Obama showered money on the losers. President Obama has a propensity to come up with what he thinks are good ideas and without discussion or adequate thought making them a presidential mandate.

Barack Obama believes in the government’s mythical money tree.

Obama having been raised as a welfare childe on handouts doesn’t realize somewhere someone not unlike himself had to perform a service or create something of value to exchange for payment of his handout. Obama grew up believing if you are a minority the “Man” [affluent whites] are screwing you, even when there was nothing to be gained. Obama grew up with “Poor Black Me” ingrained in his physicy. If it weren’t for some very clever manipulation of the system by some very savvy people Barack Obama may have been on the streets of Southside Chicago pimping and selling drugs as we speak. Obama himself isn’t that savvy, Obama is mans creation much the same as his intention of turning America into a welfare state with him as the head dispenser of good and services are mythical.

This can all change back by changing congress in 2010. If you love America they way it was make it known by your vote for congress in 2010


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