Obama Fiddles While Rockets Burn

By: Leigh Patrick Sullivan

By God, I almost feel sorry for him.

I can’t help but picture President Obama sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office, pondering every conceivable way he could possibly think of to get out of the jam he’s found himself in.

Some of the promises that peppered his campaign speeches were received by voters who looked upon Obama’s words with Messiah-like awe as foundations by which they built their own ‘Hope and Change’. They bought what Barack was selling. It worked, and now Obama finds himself forced to follow through.

In some areas such as the economy (and his move towards American socialism that is becoming more apparent with each passing bailout and bankruptcy) he hasn’t faced much by way of obstacles. Credit his media accomplices for moving quickly to discredit signs of protest, such as the misrepresented and much-maligned Tea Party events.

Only the media could attack groups of people whose intent is solely to remind Americans – especially their elected officials – of their basic roots and principles upon which their nation was created, and keep a straight face.

And as long as the economy continues to occupy the #1 spot on the Top Ten Current Issues Hitlist, the real and imminent danger continues to grow, partly due to the biggest and most problematic quandary Obama has to deal with: foreign policy, specifically dealing with terrorist and other dangerous nations.

Simply put, while he continues follow through with his promise to de-Bush the nation’s foreign policy both in image and practice, he is creating bigger problems.

Example one: Gitmo. Obama’s golden egg is turning rather rotten. Not only did he fumble for an answer when presses about what would happen to the detainees, subsequent ideas – Hey! Let’s throw them into regular U.S. jails! – have met with great opposition from all sides, including members of his own Democrat party.

The only result he obtained from his very publicized recent ‘We’re Sorry, World! European Tour ‘09’ was one offer to take a Gitmo prisoner off his hands – one! – by the French. This is Obama’s very own Bush moment: Mission Accomplished!

Hindsight suggests that when his own Democrats refused to vote in favor of financing his official request to close the facility, it could have been a favor to the Pres, giving him a way out.

Now the issue is forced onto the back burner, which is exactly where Obama would like it to be as it has bought some much-needed time for his team to think of a solution.

Example two has got to be Iran. Like a girl calling her guy over and over on the phone wondering why he doesn’t answer, all the while the boy is sitting on the couch too self-involved to bother answering the calls from such a needy, clingy chick, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sits and ignores the repeated calls from the White House. The policy of ‘discussion over aggression’ has been met – as with all historical acts of appeasement – with silence.

Example 2(b): North Korea. Continuing with the ‘why doesn’t he answer?’ policy we come to that little man in the funny suits and his country of millions. Just as America made a fundamental shift from Bush conservatism (in name only) to Obama pseudo-European socialism, America’s enemies have also changed tactics.

Whereas Kim Jong-Il, Ahmadinejad, Chavez, and the rest of the International Idiots Club took advantage of Bush’s negative image and low credibility, they now enjoy Obama’s America in which, if you don’t play nice, voices could get raised. And that’s about all.

They bask in the knowledge that, while they work to create or obtain a nuclear arsenal, Obama has stated his desire to scrap much of America’s nuke inventory. They love how easy it is now that the Milquetoast President is at the helm.

By now, Obama has read his share of intelligence reports and top secret documents. He has been privy to hidden information and is now aware of some harsh truths about what things are really like.

Perhaps he now understands the true measure of the threat the terrorists pose.

And now Barack Obama finds himself with an administration full of Clinton retreads (we know how effective they were in catching clues of impending terrorist attacks in the ‘90’s), a Vice-president who is most effective when fully and completely muzzled, and a Secretary of State who is a Clinton (see above).

Meanwhile, the growing threat that is Iran combined with Obama’s failing policy has already caused friction with perhaps America’s most important ally in the War on Terror, Israel. The Jewish state has vowed to do whatever it takes to protect itself, with or without American help.

Essentially, it was a call for Obama to – excuse the colorful language here – shit or get off the pot.

Then North Korea test fires more rockets and rumors abound that they are perhaps only months away from having the capability to hit Alaska.

More offers to ‘discuss’, more unanswered phone calls, more American allies – Japan, South Korea – growing increasingly frustrated with a frozen and indecisive Obama administration. More vows from these nations to ‘act alone if necessary’.

When Japan starts talking seriously about moving to a policy of militarization, even out of a sense of self-defense, you have all the evidence you need that there is a problem.

In the past I have stated my belief that we were fortunate to have Bush during the days surrounding 9/11, as my vision of a Gore America in 2001 ranks among the scariest of thoughts.

I shuddered to think of an attacked America responding with kid gloves, choosing perceived ‘high ground’ and ‘fair, measured response’ tactics to actual military defense. I wondered what America would have been like if there had been a president in office who was soft on terrorism.

I fear that is what we now have.


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