When Will Bureaucrats Finally Get It

By: Ken Hughes

When will national state and local elected officials finally realize it’s time to stop spending and taxing and start cutting back on unnecessary programs and waste? The only way for politicians to buy votes in the future will be to pay for them with tax cuts. According to the latest media reports federal tax revenues are down 34 % and state and local tax revenuers must be down more than that. The problem with Obama-nomics is the unemployed don’t pay taxes therefore there’s no money coming in to support all the stimulus money going out. No one or no country is going to invest in Obama’s new America the way it’s going. Investors don’t invest in humongous deficit spending and welfare driven economies. The Clinton and Bush deficits were manageable and in line with GDP, That’s no longer the case with Obama on the spending spree he’s on. Obama created more debt in four months than Bush created in the past four years and has little to show for it but failure.

As congress persons go back to their home districts on their safaris hunting for the big cats with the big money they will more than likely find the big cats avoiding them? Damming big money men as being greedy manipulators with a wink and a nod may have worked in the past but no more. Political

contributions have always been based on what’s in it for me in the eyes of the contributor and an assurance by those who receive contributions, “yes there is something in it for you”. Anyway the apple of respectability is polished it always tastes the same, [sweet and nourishing.] when that’s no longer the case the contributions dry up. A politicians integrity can’t be bought, they can‘t sell what they don’t have. The very nature of campaign financing prohibits a candidate from having integrity. The harm isn’t so much what they say and do campaigning as what they say and do after they’re elected.

Washingtonians don’t understand the concept of profit and loss, their personal lives are built on credit cards and their professional lives consist of statistical spreadsheets. Earnings, profits and loses on balance sheets are in a foreign language to government bureaucrats, that includes elected and appointed officials alike. Washington D C is like a magnet once it grabs on to a person it never lets go it’s like a game of musical chairs. When a new administration stops the old music everyone moves over one chair and the music starts all over again. There’s no change quite like no change, Obama ran on a promise of change, nothing changed it all got magnified ten fold. Obama’s transparency is a led curtain hanging over a failed policy explained from behind a teleprompter by a couple of professional lyres [aka] James Carville and Paul Begala.

Obama was right when he said the government needed changing, he was right for all the wrong reasons. The basic concept of a government of the people, by the people, for the people and its relationship to capitalism is as sound now as it was in 1775. The constitution is still the masterpiece of the ages. America has advanced from a disorganized tribe of pea-pickers to the most technologically advanced nation on earth. They’ve done this by taking a small feather from every immigrant that’s ever entered this country and created the “American Eagle” the pride of a nation. Inside our boarders we are as dysfunctional a family as the world has ever seen, step outside into a foreign land and we’re in ever respect “The United [peoples] States Of America” I may disrespect my brother but I will not allow a foreigner to disrespect him. That’s the America I’ve know for 78 years and I know I’m not along in my love for this great country.

Governments are people and people have tendencies to stray from the path they swore to follow, in the case of politicians it means following the constitution. The constitution is a very tricky document it requires men to obey a few ambiguous rules that are more suggestions than laws. It requires men with integrity to administer the suggested laws of the land and allows the rules to be expanded beyond what’s suggested in the constitution. The constitution consists of seven articles and twenty-seven amendments and has guided this nation very effectively for over two hundred years. Every once in a while someone comes along who thinks they’re smarter than the founding fathers [I can assure them they are not].

In the late 1700s a unique group of men came together at a period when the world was crying for change. Some think this emerging nation was divinely inspired others think it was pour happenstance. Regardless these men were able to create a new society giving man and women the right to self determination backed by laws and a means to enforce them. It was more an experiment that has lasted more then two centuries and has yet to be copied exactly as is by any other country. Every country that’s tried to copy the American way has taken a few of the rights of its citizens away or hasn’t included them. Now we find our rights being stripped and the constitution being violated by a new breed of politician who don’t believe America has does it’s best for all of its citizens. The broader question is what have these citizens done for America?

The constitution guarantees freedom and opportunity and the right to persevere. It doesn’t guarantee two cars in every garage and a free garage to park them in nor can this new President Obama make such guarantees. Barack Obama is a product of the welfare system. He simply doesn’t understand someone somewhere had to work very hard to support themselves and their family along with him and his mother. Barack Obama doesn’t appreciate how lucky he is, he has at least a dozen Obama half brothers and sister scattered all over the African continent living in poverty and squalor. By the grace of God and Americas compassion he was able to become President of this great and benevolent country and now he wants to turn back 200 years of progress, WHY?

To understand the future results of the Obama plan for America turn your attention south to Venezuela and the Hugo Chavez plan. Obama has done in four months what it took Chavez five years to accomplish. The only salvation to this Obama madness is electing a new more conservative congress in 2010 and let them duke it out with this socialist president.

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